Thursday, August 4, 2016

Aparkolypse Summary for Lynnwood, Washington

Our tour of local parks began in part because a friend was concerned that there weren't enough cost-free places to take kids. Research suggests there are 92 municipal parks with playgrounds (ask for our spreadsheet!) including the parks of Snohomish County and the cities of Bothell, Brier, Edmonds, Everett, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, and Mukilteo. Within the confines of the city of Lynnwood, there are 14 city and county parks with playgrounds and we visited two more that don't have playgrounds (there are plenty more that are trail-oriented or have monuments). Weirdly, Brier Patch Park has a Lynnwood address despite being a City of Brier operation, but we're leaving it out since it really is in an area anyone would consider Brier.

We'll rank all of the parks we visited in Lynnwood below.

Definitely Go Here

Meadowdale Neighborhood Park - Aesthetic gem of a city park on 168th St SW (next to Meadowdale High School) with a good-sized playground, unique cable glider, and parking issues.


Martha Lake Park - Large county park on the south end of Martha Lake off of 164th St SW with beach access, two playgrounds, fishing docks, and tons of picnic area.

Lynndale Park - The City of Lynnwood's megafacility featuring an amphitheater, skate park, tennis courts, Little League fields, picnic facilities, two playgrounds, basketball courts, and cool walking trails.

Wilcox Park, a.k.a. Flag Park - One of several city parks on 196th St SW with a good playground, big grassy area, basketball court, picnic shelters, and a ton of flags.

Stadler Ridge Park - The city of Lynnwood tossed up a park on a hillside and made it cool. Near 36th Ave W, it has a small and fun playground, a nearly useless basketball hoop, and very cool three-tiered slides coming down the hill.

Spruce Park - Our most frequently visited city park has big kid and little kid playgrounds, an informative basketball court, a huge grassy area, plenty of picnic space, and bad parking.

Logan Park - County park a bit off the beaten path in Alderwood with an interesting playground, decent softball field, and basketball court.

Worth Your While

Sprague's Pond Mini Park - Lynnwood's cool mini park on 200th St SW (blink and you'll miss the entrance - we did). Fun little playground, small grassy area, pond views, and that's it.

North Lynnwood Park a.k.a. Dragon Park - On 44th Ave W with most of the city's municipal buildings, it has the city's best-known spray park, a big field surrounded by ditches, solid playground, picnic areas, and a big fake rock for climbing.


Daleway Park - City park on 64th Ave W with a spray park, big grassy area, solid playground, and basketball court.

Martha Lake Airport Park - Large county park at the north end of Martha Lake with a weird playground, plenty of sports fields, a skate park, and some truly hideous public art.

Scriber Lake Park - Not the kind of city park we usually visit (no play equipment), yet it's a great place for a stroll along the boardwalk by the lake near 196th St SW, very close to other parks and retail/restaurants.

Well, If You Have To...

Pioneer Park - The lamest of several city parks along 36th Ave W sports some decent tennis courts, a lame playground, a big grassy field, and a short but fun nature trail. Good for walking your dogs.

South Lynnwood Neighborhood Park - A solid if unremarkable city park at the very south end of Lynnwood along the interurban trail, it's along the Interurban Trail and features a playground, grassy play area, tennis court, basketball court, and the only wallball court we've seen.

Don't Bother

Maple Mini Park - A city drainage field that happens to have a playground. For park tour completists only.

Lake Stickney Community Park - County park off of Manor Way cool for your dog, not interesting for humans.

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