Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Aparkolypse 2015: Logan Park

Most drivers won't stumble upon Logan Park, a gem buried deep in residential Lynnwood; it's not really on the way to anything and the entrance isn't that obvious. Those who do make their way here will find a facility where people of all ages can play and relax. We would have included more pictures of our outing, but we were too busy having fun.


If there is a knock on this place, it is the lack of real bathrooms.  For those who oppose taking advantage of running water, sanicans are available.  Sufficient parking is available in the lot which in near, though not too near, the basketball court.  A handful of picnic tables are available adjacent to the court and slightly downhill by the play area and a few randomly stashed away in a little grove on the east side of the park. Surrounding the park is a gentle jogging path.

While lacking outfield fencing (something has to contain all of our home runs), the baseball field is in pretty good shape for a publicly accessible facility. There is plenty of grass in the outfield and beyond to run and play.


It's pretty obvious which part of the park was built in the 1970s and which section was part of the 1990s upgrades. We actually prefer the 70s play structure (does that make us a play structure hipster?) since a lot of the newer stuff is a bit weird.  The newer section is half art, half 2 to 5 y.o. play area, plus the rope climbing polyhedron like they have at Paine Field Park, a four-seater see-saw, swings (including baby swings), and this tilted spinning ring that you can sit or walk on.

This thing below you can sit a bunch of kids in and spin them, but it's really heavy and maintains no momentum.  It was a big disappointment.


The temperature was sweltering hot on our visit, which did not prevent us from having a ton of fun. The setting is pretty and somewhat secluded, and the park is nicely maintained.  The area designed for littler kids is a bit hard on the eyes and somewhat impractical, a contrast to the ton of great toys in the rest of the area.  We spent a long time in the play area before we got in a game of kickball; Jason even found a softball.  We found Logan Park an excellent place to stretch your legs and wear yourself out.

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