Friday, July 24, 2015

Aparkolypse 2015: Paine Field Park

11928 Beverly Park Rd 
Everett, WA 98204

Paine Field Park is located in south Everett just east of Mukilteo Speedway/525 on Beverly Park Road; it even has it's own traffic light.

This location supports four baseball/softball fields in regular use by Little League and is publicly available with reservation.  There is, however, one caveat:

You and your pets will have to live out your Air Bud dreams elsewhere

Parking is abundant, including plenty of overflow parking.  The covered picnic area is reserve-able for $60, or you can just show up extra early to snag the table for your event, such as your son's sixth birthday party; some of the benches are in sub-par shape, but it's usually clean.  Bathrooms and water fountain are convenient and non-scary.

Play Area
There is a field graded for soccer (no lines or goals or anything) and some grassy areas for running around.  The play structures have a bit of flight/science theme to them and are really cool:

Climbing structure where dads can challenge their acrophobic children
Rocking toys where you can sort out your feelings

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The coolest toy of the summer: climb-able merry-go-round
How Arvo Part composes his music

Western Washington Parks' Obsession with Hideous, Pointless, and Expensive Art

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This sculpture is calling "Landing Zone" and apparently is award-winning.  Snohomish County requires that 1% of construction projects that cost more than $100,000 be allotted for the arts; this was the winning project in this case.  We did see the giant "X" be profitably used by two young men filming razor scooter stunts on it.


Paine Field Park is pretty great: easily accessible even in bad traffic, persistently clean and well-maintained, offers a variety of activities, and has fun and inventive play structures.  Our kids always have a great time here, it's rarely overcrowded (even during sporting events or weekends), and it's about 6 minutes from our house, so we strongly endorse it.


While looking up pictures for a review of another park, we came across these pictures from Paine Field Park from a previous visit and thought they'd be fun to add, along with a video of Jason expressing love for his father.

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