Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Aparkolypse 2015: Miner's Corner

Miner's Corner Park is a newly-opened park (January 2014) tucked away in Bothell, almost due north of Woodinville High School.   The official website alluringly describes it as "developed as partial mitigation for the Brightwater sewage treatment facility."


This rock seating area with rock in the middle, just in case you left your soapbox at home

Surprisingly nice family bathrooms (none gender-specific)

This bizarre hopscotch for obese children who can't hop all the way to 10

Full-court basketball, with fences helping corral the shots of players who may be having a particularly off day

Freaking FOURSQUARE court

An un-graffitied, nice covered picnic area adjacent to the play area

Medium-sized play field, good for informal sports

Mosquito breeding areas?

Plenty of seating for models
Not pictured are paved walking paths around the park, which are gentle for pedestrians and people pushing strollers.

Obligatory Pacific NW Ecological Lesson/Shame Session to Go with Your Playtime

One of the prominent features of this park is the sand and water garden, but it the two times we went, the water aspect was, uh, less prominent.

Table to ensure sand gets directly in your toddler's face

Bridge to keep you dry

Heavy machine training

Unintentional Jurassic World marketing
Play Area

Visually, it's the coolest play area we've visited this summer.  The expansive tree house design makes a lot of room for adventure play and just hanging around and using your imagination.  The materials of the play structures are sturdy and heat resistant while the ground is nicely padded.


Miner's Corner is clean, beautiful, and a lot of fun.  Parking is convenient, the bathrooms were in great shape, and the play area is incredible.  This park is a fine example of modern park design, encompassing fun, safety, convenience, aesthetics, and versatility.

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