Monday, August 29, 2016

Aparkolypse: Edmonds City Park

Right in the heart of Edmonds, the well-to-do older white people epicenter of western Washington, is the fabulous Edmonds City Park, the gorgeous, vast, and multi-use outdoor recreation jewel. The cool playground, the well-maintained ball fields, the numerous picnic facilities, and the brand-new spray make this place a great family and group destination.


The entrance to the park is on the south side, where you'll loop around half the park to get to the parking near the playground (there are other parking areas along the way). There are plenty of spots, including one for plug-in electric cars, a feature we haven't found at other parks:

In the center of the park are some pretty nice bathrooms, which boast another unique feature for parks: actual warm water to wash your hands with. Nissan Leaf-driving germaphobes rejoice!

The city's site claims there are horseshoe pits; we didn't see them (not that we looked).

Spray Pad

Sadly our visits came before the spray pad was operational, so we've stolen these pictures from the city's website and local news site It looks awesome.

spray pad rc

Lilly DeWitt, 3, of Edmonds, touches her hand to a small fountain of water while playing Friday at the spray pad at City Park in Edmonds.Water cascades onto kids playing in the new spray pad Friday at City Park in Edmonds.

Baseball/Softball Field

City Park has a good baseball/softball field (or in our case, kickball field). There's plenty of green grass in the outfield to play around in. You can also reserve the field for your event.

Picnic Facilities

Three picnic shelters and a gazebo are available for rent. The picnic shelters are equipped with power, grills, and a sink, though the gazebo is not. There are plenty of outdoor picnic tables, in the midst of which are first-come/first serve fire pits. Small to medium-sized grassy areas are sprinkled throughout the park.

We borrowed this picture of the gazebo from the city site because it was so cool:

Two of our favorite random features of City Park are the chess/checkers table and this random giant tire, which we presume is some sort of biological preserve for spiders, based on our inspection.

Commemorative plaque enthusiasts will be delighted to be learn of the area's history in several locations throughout the park.


There is no shortage of fun at the large playground, with the usual division of bigger and smaller kid toys.

Over by the three types of swings is this big climbing rock. There isn't an explanation for it like the boulder at Martha Lake Airport Park (in a park with so many commemorative plaques), and that doesn't stop kids, especially boys, from knocking into each other to climb it. Parents should keep an eye on their rock-climbing kids.


What's not to love about City Park? It's beautiful, there is an endless amount of fun things to do, it's easily accessible, and it has cool/unique features. We heartily endorse this park.