Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aparkolypse: Seaview Park

Our kids' Granny and Grandpa live in a house that's on the map below, so needless to say we know the stellar Seaview Park well. You're not likely to end up here on accident, though if you did, you would still probably have a really good time.


Let's start with some of the less impressive aspects. One probably can't be too choosy about municipal tennis courts, and these are no different in being underwhelming. A basketball hoop is just tossed up at the end of the parking lot, where an errant shot could end up damaging our fabulously luxurious car!

We probably shouldn't complain about a place you can go play sports for free, yet here we are. The baseball/softball diamond that bleeds into the soccer field is okay. The field is at least flat if not in great condition. Parking is available on the street on the east side of the field and a few benches are scattered along the boundary.

On the east side of the park (by the playground) a grassy, steep hill, perfect for ice blocking (not that we'd endorse that kind of behavior) or rolling down shouting "aaaaaas yooooouuuu wiiiiiiiiissssh!" At the bottom of this hill is a grassy area, good for tossing balls and discs. With any kind of precipitation, it gets pretty muddy.

Seaview Park has solid bathrooms and a water fountain. A gentle paved walkway circumnavigates the park.


The nice playground is divided into older/younger kid play sets, though frankly there isn't that much difference between them. The play area is well away from traffic and the parking lot, but it is right by the big grassy hill which is very easy to tumble down for little-legged people. Fortunately, also right by the playground are the bathrooms and picnic tables and benches, where lazy fathers can use the Xfinity Wi-Fi to continue their Angry Birds-related conquests.


Fortunately for us, we love this park. There is a ton to do, it's very scenic, and convenient for our relative visiting purposes.

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