Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aparkolypse: Brierwood Park

If you happen to be visiting as many Brier parks as possible, then come by Brierwood Park, significantly less spider-ridden than Brier Patch Park. As our lead image suggests, the Brier parks are very close to each other.


When you get here, there is plenty of parking. It does have actual bathrooms, weirdly tucked away from the playground and mostly out of view. The park has a handful of picnic tables (and a bench by the playground that looks like it's about to fall over and combust Simpsons-style) and open grassy spaces which are pretty level. It's not the most landscaped park we've visited.

The basketball court looks like its trying for some street cred, which is essential on the mean streets of Brier. The park is adjacent to protected wetlands in the Scriber Creek system, and some minor trails take you back there. Google Maps makes it look like there's some big pond there, but there isn't one.


The kids enjoyed the playground despite being a bit damp. The playground is safely away from the road, which isn't all that busy. Kayla spent most of her time digging, which is among our children's fondest loves, which will surely translate someday when we have a home with a garden.


Brierwood Park would probably be a really nice park if it didn't look like the city hasn't done anything there in years other than mow the grass. We don't have any serious complaints, but the great Logan Park is a three minute drive away; consider going there instead.

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