Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aparkolypse: South Lynnwood Neighborhood Park

The last but not least park we visited in the city of Lynnwood (the least would be Maple Mini Park), South Lynnwood Neighborhood Park is tucked away down at the very lower end of the city - in fact another block or so south and it would be in Mountlake Terrace. This park has all the signs of having been a pretty sweet park in 1997.


The park finds itself on the Interurban Trail, a hike-and-bike trail which extends from Everett Mall to North Seattle (an intersection west of Northgate Mall). Fitness gurus will probably not be impressed with the .2 miles of trails within the park. For those of you still transporting yourself via car, a bit of street parking is available the street.

Stashed away in the northeast side of the park is a nicely shaded picnic area. The big play lawn was roped off at our visit. We didn't spend any time at the basketball court or the tennis courts, both standard quality for public parks. Our personal favorite aspect of the park is that the back of the bathroom building is a big wallball wall plus a foursquare court. Our 4th through 8th grade selves were very gratified to see that.


The very McDonald's colors toys are fairly standard. The tot toy is the smallest we've seen on our tour. We made the kids pose on the swings; they weren't enticed.


South Lynnwood Neighborhood Park seems like a useful place, it's just not that pretty or interesting. Wallball enthusiasts, those using the Interurban Trail, and City of Lynnwood parks completists are well-served coming here.

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