Saturday, July 30, 2016

Aparkolypse: Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is situated between a large apartment complex and a group of houses, down the road from Spruce Park and within tiny driving distance from Stadler Ridge Park and North Lynnwood Park. When we visited, it was a very popular spot to walk dogs.

The park's address says 36th Ave W (and you'll drive by the entrance sign pictured above), but you need to turn west on 184th St SW; the road dead-ends at the park's small parking lot.


Randomly, you'll find two of the nicer public tennis courts around. There's a water fountain but no bathrooms of any kind, with a solid number of picnic tables sprinkled throughout the park. Near the entrance, a small grill box stands near the tennis courts, a rarity for city parks. Most of the park is large grassy field, great for throwing/kicking a ball around. This map will give you an idea of the layout.

At the north end of the park, there's a short but steep nature trail leading to the entrance sign (there's no sign where you actually park your car).


The main philosophy of this series of blog entries is to go to parks with playgrounds in the area, and technically Pioneer Park qualifies, but the toys and swings are pretty aesthetically displeasing. Lynnwood has 3 or 4 parks with toys like this, and it takes away from otherwise really nice parks. Our kids were much more interesting in the dogs walking by.


Maybe we'd be more impressed with this park if we played tennis. There isn't much wrong here, though given how close several better parks are, maybe it's a destination because of thinner crowds.

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