Friday, October 23, 2015

Aparkolypse 2015: Maple Mini Park

Image courtesy of City of Lynnwood
In our discover tour of parks this summer, we discovered these municipalities' love of combining utilities/infrastructure areas with a park. Maple Mini Park is probably the most flagrant example of this: it's pretty much a backyard playset with major drainage. We bet you can't wait to take your kids on down to the "stormwater detention facility"! The official site indicates that the area is maintained by the Public Works department (and therefore not Parks and Recreation), which is a bad omen.

Getting There

For what it's worth, Google Maps doesn't recognize this as an actual park. There are places to park along Maple Road, but we recommend looping around to 179th Pl SW and parking in the cul-de-sac. At the corner of Maple Rd and 42nd Pl W, you'll see this inviting sign: 
It just screams, "Children, come play here!"

Does a drainage ditch count as an amenity? There is a bench and a picnic table, neither of which exactly impress. The picture at the top of this post does not lie: there has definitely not been any development since 2000.

Play Area

We're certain this is the same setup as built in 1989, during Lynnwood's apparent "ugly wood, beige, and awful blue" phase (see also Pioneer Park). You and your children may well enjoy the kitty litter play surface. There's a little bit of field to run around in, assuming you keep one eye on the ditch.



Do we need to even write this section? We hope Maple Mini serves better as a stormwater detention facility than it does as a park. Unless you live on this cul-de-sac, we recommend you instead go to one of the half-dozen much better Lynnwood parks which are within a five minute drive.

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