Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aparkolypse: Locust Creek Park

If you're looking for a decent hike in a lovely area in the middle of suburbia, Locust Creek Park is a pleasant option. 


We came here under the impression that there might be a playground, and almost ended up in somebody's yard because they had cool toys. However we'll recommend that you stick to the public land, which a mostly a cool hiking trail. By the small parking area is a small grassy area is a picnic table, a bench, and a wooden pole. Plaques on the back of the sign suggest that the sign, entrance, and trail of the park are the result of Eagle Scout Projects.

We were about to remark how useless for shelter the entrance thingy is, but this SPIDER seems to disagree (flashback to Spider Brier Patch Park).

You're here for the cool walking trail. There is absolutely no information about this park online other than its address, so we can't tell you how long the is or anything special about it. It gets pretty vertical in some places for little legs and it was a bit slippery on the day we went. We had a nice walk without too much drama.



Locust Creek Park is a delight for hikers and people who take their kids here because there is no information online to tell them there isn't any play equipment.

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