Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aparkolypse: 92nd Street Park

If you're on the way to the lovely but weird playground-ed Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, consider stopping by 92nd Street Park, a beautiful and interesting spot mere minutes from the ferry terminal, restaurants, shopping, schools, and the city library.


Once you pull in the entrance on 92nd St, there's plenty of parking near both the uphill and downhill areas of the park. Uphill is where you'll find the bathrooms, drinking fountains, and most of the picnic tables and benches. The park was well-populated with local exercise walkers and hikers accessing the Big Gulch Trail. We recommend reading Craig Romano's Hike of the Week blog for his review of the trail. The trail extends from the park to the Mukilteo library, about 2.5 miles round trip. Within the park itself are some short and very mild nature trails. Scattered around are some medium-sized grassy areas.


There are two playground areas of the park, the portion uphill (near the bathrooms) being designed for little kids and the portion downhill (by the pond) for bigger kids.

Downhill Playground

We are a sucker for a well-executed themed playground design, and the downhill playground delivers. The cool tree house design makes it easy for active and imaginative play.


Uphill Playground

The uphill playground is more traditional and still plenty of fun. Our weirdo kids seemed to prefer it even as they often proclaim their hatred of "baby stuff." Both playgrounds are decently far away from the busy Mukilteo Speedway/525.



Cool and useful playgrounds, gorgeous scenery, decent bathrooms, and a place to park are about all we really need in a park. We strongly endorse 92nd St Park.

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