Friday, September 4, 2015

Aparkolypse 2015: Lake Stickney Community Park

Lake Stickney Community Park is technically the closest park to our residence and easily the kids' least favorite of all of our tour.  That's a little unfair - the park only really has one feature that's been developed at all, and that doesn't really relate to little humans.


This park officially opened last year with a lot of smiling local officials photo op-ing in front of a bunch of nothing.  The property boasts two porta-potties, an unimproved walking trail, and an off-leash dog area.  The parking area appears to have been built long ago and has been partially reclaimed by nature. You've likely noticed the pictures were taken several months apart, in part due to my phone constantly dying during our summer visit.  The photos in this blog were mostly taken by Jason.

Yelp and Google reviewers are not impressed with the off-leash dog area, but it seems to do a decent job of containing the little corral part seems to do a good job of containing these three creatures.

Snohomish County's Big Plans

The various places on the county's websites regarding this park have not been updated in some time, but they promise Lake Stickney Park won't be a user-unfriendly wasteland wetland forever. Snohomish County's project page for the park lists that attendees of a meeting in June of last year would like to see an accessible walking path network, a lake viewing mound, multi-purpose open space, picnic areas, boardwalks, integrated nature themed play elements, and some ecological stuff. They're probably meeting again this winter to get more input.  You can more of idea what they're looking to do (or not really) via the illegible map on this page.  Not that Lake Stickney is currently available via the park, you can get fishing information about the lake here.


It's not really fair to come to a conclusion about this park since there has been so little work done, but since the county bothered to open it to the public and we're in the business of reviewing parks, we'll offer our opinion.  We can't really speak to the utility of the off-leash dog area since we tend to keep our children on leashes.  Unless you're looking for a shortcut through the neighborhood or you're an undomiciled individual looking for a little peace while you bed down with your 40s and Mountain Dew, there isn't much of a point in coming to Lake Stickney Park.  If you or a Boy Scout you know are looking to do an Eagle project, there are thousands of possibilities here.

Ideally, Lake Stickney Park will be a lot more like Martha Lake Park after all of the work is done, just not nearly as large.  We found a blog which provides some nice visuals of the Lake Stickney area, spurring the comparison with Martha Lake. 

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