Thursday, November 26, 2015

Aparkolypse 2015: Wilcox Park

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Right on Lynnwood's busiest and most important road, Wilcox Park provides tremendous recreational opportunities right in the heart of the city. Decorated with its distinctive flags and in a great location, Lynnwood has another fine park within close proximity to several other fine parks.

What's With the Flags?

Wilcox Park is often called Flag Park as the 27 U.S. flags mark the location easily for motorists. Why 27 flags? The official site says they represent "the thirteen colonies and the incorporation of states," whatever "the incorporation of states" means. Are there states that they don't recognize? States joining the union after Florida don't count? #allstatesmatter #exceptWyomingdownwithWyoming


Wilcox Park is great for casual play, smaller group gatherings, and even larger events. Parking is available right off of 196th St, but it can be tricky to access coming from the west, so we turn up 52nd Ave W and park in the back lot. Do NOT park at the private property next door, where you'll be greeted with countless threatening signs. We may or may not have parked there anyway once out of sheer rebellion and then hung around by the basketball court next to that private parking lot out of sheer cowardice and paranoia.

At the north end of the park, you'll find a reservable picnic shelter with running water and possibly electricity, but we can't remember about the power situation. Parkgoers can also enjoy the large, expensive memorial stone commemorating those who donated the shelter. There is plenty of level space around the area. A little further south you can reserve the gazebo/bandstand, or just live out your air guitar performance dreams for no money down. Personally, we play the air kazoo. The northern part of the park is wooded and slightly hilly, the southern part with tons of open space and flat ground for field sports (we saw peewee soccer practices being held there). Show off your LeBron-like skills on the solid basketball court.

Tables and benches are scattered throughout the park. There is a real bathroom available, but it isn't especially near the playground area or anything else of consequence.

Play Area

In addition to so much open space and wooded area to run around, Wilcox Park has a very commendable play area. Play structures are present for smaller and bigger kids. If you enjoy your children being covered in sand without actual water around, a sandpit is there for you too, like when your eight-year-old forgets she's not a toddler and givers herself a full-on sand bath.


We really like Wilcox Park. It's hard to complain about the convenience of location, offering of amenities, diversity of play opportunities, and overall loveliness. We recommend it with little reservation, other than our personal hatred of sand play areas.

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