Thursday, November 5, 2015

Aparkolypse 2015: Scriber Lake Park

In one of our departures from playground-seeking, we had a nice stroll at Scriber Lake Park, a two-year-old ecological preserve/urban forest/wetlands. In a apparent nod to illiteracy, the lake is named after Paul Schreiber, one of the Alderwood Manor's founders. This park is connected via the Scriber Creek Trail to Sprague's Pond Mini Park, a hidden gem in the Lynnwood park system. The city provides this handy map to navigate your way around. We found the totally not sinister-sounding master plan, which includes descriptions, pictures, and diagrams which demonstrate how these civic projects work and how far the area has come.


Scriber Lake can be accessed on foot off of 196th St SW, but drivers have to navigate down to 198th St SW and find the entrance tucked away on the left (it's one of the reasons we try to include pictures of the entrance signs when possible). Right by the adequate parking (where we saw several police cars for some reason) are a drinking fountain and nice bathrooms. Also near the entrance are a handful of picnic tables and some decorative benches.


The park's primary features are the boardwalk and walking trails (the official site lists it as 0.8 miles long). Along the way are benches, areas for fishing, and signs describing the wildlife. We've included some of Jason's photography of our walk.


Scriber Lake Park is serene place to have a nice walk. It'd be tough to navigate with an umbrella stroller or another stroller with smaller, harder wheels, but the terrain is flat and well-maintained. Bathrooms and stuff in the car are pretty far as you move around the lake, so be prepared for that if you have little ones. The upgrades add to a scenic experience with an added bonus of being able to pretend you learned something while you were there.

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