Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Aparkolypse: Kiwanis Park

In the battle of Everett parks sponsored by prominent community service groups Kiwanis Park is no Lions Park. Nevertheless, we're impressed with a solid gathering spot built on a small lot between Colby Avenue and Broadway, a few blocks from Everett Memorial Stadium.


The park is right on the northwest corner of 36th St and Rockefeller Ave, so the play area is just several feet from the road. Parking is on the side of the street, and there is a decent amount in the area. We appreciated the presence of the water fountain on a warm summer day. There is a small grassy area and a handful of benches; it's very much a small neighborhood park. We were impressed with the park's ability to have an above average basketball hoop area (for a park) with suitably tall fencing around the area to keep balls from rolling off into oblivion.

We definitely felt more secure knowing we were being watched.


Kiwanis Park makes great use of its limited space, and the playground is the best example. The toys were in good condition and there was a nice variety of possibly activities, including swings, in a pretty small area.


It might not be a big destination park, but Kiwanis Park is an impressive display of maximizing the utility of outdoor space. We recommend it if you're in the area.

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