Thursday, May 11, 2017

Aparkolypse: Brier Park

All the City of Brier Parks are within about a mile and a half, and unfortunately, we came to the excellent Brier Park last. It's easily Brier's best and one of the crown jewels of the Aparkolypse tour.


There is an incredible amount to do here. Around/through the park is a paved sidewalk. Importantly to us, Brier Park also has actual working bathrooms and water fountains, along with plenty of places to park. Check out the facilities for families, leagues, and small to large groups.

Athletic Surfaces

You'll find two large, well-maintained soccer fields next to two baseball diamonds, one in very good shape and the other in pretty good shape.

We can't get too excited about the super-narrow, half-hearted attempt at a basketball court, even if it is "full court." The tennis courts looked nice.

There's also a weird fenced-off dirt/gravel area we couldn't find an explanation for. Does Brier hold mini-rodeos here? Please feel free to tell us if you have any idea.

Exercise Equipment

A feature increasing found in newer parks, Brier has adult exercise equipment. While it may be great for keeping in shape, we recommend putting your small children on it, especially the high-IQ ones who don't like following instructions.

Picnic Shelter

If you were to go the the city's Geocities-looking webpage and dig around for a while, you'd discover that this fine gazebo is available to rent for $40 for 4 hours for Brier residents, $60 for non-residents. In the case that your event doesn't require overhead shelter or a grill/fireplace, there are plenty of tables and grassy areas for your outdoor dining pleasure.

Skate Park

This is where we'd make jokes using skateboarding slang, but frankly we don't remember any since it was 15+ years ago since we so much as played the Tony Hawk games for Playstation, so we'll just show the pictures of the skate park.

Next to the skate park is an entrance portal for you to use on your way to defeat Koopa and/or Bowser.


Aside from (or maybe because of?) the color scheme looking like it was designed by The Joker, the toys were a lot of fun. It might be tough to navigate for really small kids, though.

We enjoyed the low-key bug sub-theme of the playground.

Refresh yourselves with some pears after you play!


Brier Park rules. We had so much fun there and could have spent an entire day playing and exercising. With warm weather coming on, it's time we got back here.

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