Friday, May 12, 2017

Aparkolypse: Forsgren Park

Non-locals aren't going to end up at Forsgren Park on accident, stuffed down in the area where Kenmore, Brier, and Bothell bleed together. The park is set back away from the road where the traffic is light. The official website informs us that the site is a former gravel pit, and we are pleased to announce they have improved upon it.


Forsgren Park offers plenty of parking and the standard Sanicans (only the really big Snohomish County parks get actual bathrooms) with a small number of benches and tables.

And too bad if you were going to have your armed horseback golf tournament featuring model rocket launches; those killjoys at the county aren't having it.

Athletic Fields

We strongly recommend the beautiful soccer fields and little league baseball diamonds. Come school your trash-talking son in a game of soccer he insists on, forgetting that you were a slightly above-average soccer player once. In first grade or something.



We happened to be there a day or so after rain. The fields had dried out, but the playground was awfully swampy. You'll note the blue paint that Snohomish County must have gotten at a mega-discount sometime in the 90s. It was pretty fun when you weren't stepping into a foot-deep puddle.


Buoyed up by some very nice fields and a fun playground, we recommend Forsgren Park as a departure if you're stuck going to the same couple of parks. The fields and parking suggest accommodation for larger events, but the plumbing-related non-offerings and relative lack of seating would put a damper on big gatherings.

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