Monday, May 8, 2017

Aparkolypse: Esperance Park

Snohomish County and the city of Edmonds both have some pretty outstanding parks; Esperance Park is not one of them. Come around to the south side of the park on 224th St for the driving entrance. Or just wait until 2018 when major improvements are supposed to have been completed.

Current Amenities/Facilities

Since we don't presently have access to a time machine, we'll have to discuss the amenities as is. One bonus is there is nearly unlimited parking and spaces aren't marked or filled by pretty much anyone. 

Well at least there are vast fields which are great for...something, probably. One Google reviewer described it as a "great unofficial off-leash dog park." Sweet!

Maybe you'll choose to unwind at one of the two randomly place tables, or use the fragrant port-a-john, or get your Kerri/Misty on at the beach volleyball court...

Actual Athletic Fields

The field for the soccer/baseball field was actually very nice and well-maintained. The baseball diamond was not up to the same standard.

Random Little Wooded Area

The northwest corner of the park features a "second-growth forest with primitive trails," which will keep you busy for a few minutes. Look, multiple entrances!


The playground is fairly small, which makes sense for the traffic Esperance Park seems to get. The toys were in good shape and had some fun bounce/swing things.


Well, at least it wasn't crowded. Esperance Park might be really cool in 2018 when all the renovations are done, but at the time of our visit, wasn't worth passing about two dozen better parks along the way. Our blogging duties brought us here and, fortunately, now take us to better places.

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