Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Aparkolypse: Lions Park

Close up this blog (we already have the pageview), bulletproof your car windows, and get yourself over to the gem Lions Park, one of the very fine City of Everett Parks. You'll have to drive through a very...uh, vivid area of town, but it's well worth coming to this excellent facility adjacent to the Cascade Boys & Girls Club.


The main drawback of the Park is the lack of bathroom. There were plenty of good parking spots and the area seems to be low-traffic. One of the nice things about the parks in Everett is there tends to be fairly large, well-maintained grass fields, and here it's the same. There is a paved path around the perimeter of the park and a mini (and we mean mini) nature trail with light gravel.  Since serving the blind is one of the five core missions of the Lions Club, the park includes tactile maps for the sight impaired  (our pictures are too embarrassing to post here) and downloadable audio guides to the park's features.

Basketball Court

We found the playing surface very accommodating and convenient to seating for lazy fathers.

Exercise Equipment

Designed for ages 13 and up, the equipment was still fun for the kids. It's very sturdy.


Lions Park has a diverse, clean, and interesting playground. The toys were a good mixture of conventional and unconventional.


We only have two points against Lions Park: there isn't a bathroom, and the neighborhood is colorful, proverbially and literally.

We found it a great place for the kids to play, for adults to get some exercise or relax, and for muscly dudebros to whine for a consecutive hour about underfunctioning Pokemon Go servers to completely disinterested dads.

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