Monday, May 8, 2017

Aparkolypse: Doyle Park

After you're done ogling the beauty of our photography on this blog post, dash on over to Grand Avenue in Everett (Grand Avenue is neither grand nor an avenue: discuss) and absorb the splendors of old Everett at Doyle Park, a local park that had a playground and therefore required our visit for the purposes of this blog post.


This field, bench, and trash can. The trash can is very sturdy.


Not the most scenic of structures, yet the kids enjoyed it for at least like 7 minutes.


We hate to disagree with the Google reviewers who grew up in the neighborhood and rate the park so highly, yet our blogging duties compel us to rate this a "meh." It's okay for a neighborhood park but in no way a destination, unless you're a bored suburban dad filling out a spreadsheet.

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