Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Aparkolypse: Conifer View Park

Not too far from Bothell High School, a cute little park with a big field is hidden from view. Accessible down a paved path after parking on the street, Conifer View Park is connected to Tall Tree Park (we'll get to that) to form a compact duo of parks good for sports, picnicking, and play.


Conifer View has a big, flat, and nice grassy field.

There is a solitary table (with a grill box!) and a solitary bench. We were unimpressed with the basketball/tennis/volleyball court combination, though it's a lot better than not having it.


They toy area is small but nice.


Conifer View Park is another impressive entry on the Bothell park resume. It'd be nice to have a bathroom or water fountain. Come along with us down the trail and through the woods to Tall Tree Park.

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