Friday, September 11, 2009


As of right now, Jillian is still asleep in her big girl bed!!! She did fairly well. She was soooooo excited when the FedEx man delivered it yesterday. And then when Daddy assembled it? Wooo, the girl could hardly contain herself. I just had to let her test it out before bed. Then of course, she didn't want to get out of it. So, the big ol' softie that I am, I decided to try and let her stay in it. I figured if it didn't work, then I'd just throw the mattress back in the crib and no harm, no foul. We had her come out and say prayers with us, then I took her to bed, tucked her in with her music player and closed the door. A little bit later though, we heard her crying. I went in, found her music player on the floor, so I tucked it back in with her, calmed her down and left again. Quiet for awhile, then more crying. So I went back in. I think she might have been a little scared, being uncontained in the new bed, in the pitch black. So I soothed her a bit, got her some juice and then sat in there on the floor for a little bit. I slowly scooted myself out of the room and she was asleep soon after. I didn't hear her make any noise all night! And she's still sleeping (I got up in the middle of typing to double check). I, of course, didn't sleep that restfully because I kept waiting for her to get up and wreak havoc. ;-) But I am so proud of her! I know this is just one night, I anticipate having more problems. There's no way it could be this easy. ;-) But just for last night, it was a success!! Hooray!


Chesney said...

yay for jilly. hopefully itll just stay this easy.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

That's great!!! Way to go Jilly! :)