Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Jason

Dear Jason,

My sweet little guy, you were blessed a couple Sundays ago; August 30th to be exact. It was a cloudy and foggy morning, and I was worried as we drove to church that our family would get lost since they couldn't see the signs to turn. But it was fine, everyone got there, and on time, no less. Your Granny Sam and Grandpa Paul came, as well as Auntie Juliet. Even a couple friends of Mommy's came, Candace, and Bri and her daughter Ginny. They were so sweet to come celebrate this day with you. Your daddy blessed you, along with our friends Kurt L, Justin O, Shawn W, and the Bishop Todd S. We are grateful they were willing to be there and exercise the Priesthood to bless you.

It was a very beautiful blessing. Daddy took you in his arms (making sure to pop the pacifier in before he started, so you were an angel during it) and addressed Heavenly Father. He pronounced the name we gave you, "Jason Emmanuel Hall". You were blessed with obedience and humility, as well as health and endurance. At one point, Daddy said that we're aware of the burden of the opportunity we've been given to raise you. He asked Heavenly Father to bless us (your parents) and you, that we'll all follow the Spirit and help you reach your full potential. He closed the blessing, and then showed you off to the ward. Right after your blessing, there was another little baby boy blessed, but the poor little guy was upset and cried during the whole thing. So you got labeled "the one who didn't cry." ;-)

After Sacrament Meeting, our family went back to Granny & Grandpa's house for brunch. Granny made some yummy Impossible Pie, had muffins, danishes, fruit salad and juice. While we ate you got all cozy in the moses basket. After a little while, Auntie Juliet came over with Uncle Kelley, who had just arrived from Chicago. He had been on his way back from England on Saturday night, and got stuck in Chicago for a night. He was glad to be home and get some food. We spent the next little bit, hanging out and relaxing with the family. We took some pictures and everyone held you. You were very sweet and well behaved all day.

Little Man, we are so happy you are in our family. You're a mostly relaxed and calm baby who loves to snuggle. You sleep in my arms every night, and I love waking up to your smiles. I know it's time to wake up for good when I squint one eye open and get a big, gummy, toothless smile from you. After nursing, I can pick you up, hold you and we'll spend 5 to 10 minutes, just smiling and making silly noises at each other. You're so fun! Daddy is so excited to have his son. He is always talking about how happy he is to have you here. He talks to you about sports, especially Longhorns football and Spurs basketball! He loves your smiles too. He really loves teasing your big sister, by trying to hand you to her. He's so silly. Jilly is really excited to be a big sister too. When you cry, she gets very concerned about you. If she doesn't see us coming, she'll run over to you and try to hand you your pacifier. In the morning, when I take you into her room in the morning, to change diapers and clothes, I will sometimes set you in her crib for a minute. She likes to give you kisses and pat your head. Even though she's had a rough time lately, adjusting to having a baby in the house, she has never acted out toward you or tried to hurt you. She loves you and tries to take care of you.

Jason, thank you for choosing our family. We wouldn't be the same without you.

I love you so much.



Chesney said...

thats beautiful. you should save a copy of that for him so he'll always have it.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

*reaching for the kleenex*