Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good Idea, Bad Idea....Friends

This week in Good Idea, Bad Idea...

Good Idea: Chatting with friends visiting from out of town.

Bad Idea: Staying up until midnight to visit with friends from out of town, when you have to get up at 5am the next morning to work for 11 hours.

Our awesome friend, Will, is visiting this weekend from San Antonio! He got here Thursday night and flies home Tuesday morning. We are so excited to have him here. It's been almost a year and a half since we saw him last. Jilly wasn't even walking, when we saw him down in Texas, and Jason was just an idea. ;-) Yesterday, we took a fun drive up to Deception Pass and Whidbey Island. We were a little nervous to see how the kiddos would do in the car for such a long time, but it turned out fine! Jason fell asleep the second the car started moving, and stayed asleep the whole way up to Deception Pass (like an hour and a half), and kept sleeping even when I pulled him out of his car seat and put him in the wrap to walk across the bridge. Jilly did great too.

The drive was lovely as always, and Will got lots of good pictures as we walked across the bridge. The bridge always makes me a little nervous, because it SO HIGH over quite turbulent water. It was a little freakier now, having two kids. I wasn't too worried about Jason, because he was secure in the wrap (barely his head was showing), but Jilly was another story. We made sure and put the monkey backpack leash on her, just in case she yanked her hand out of Steve's, and kept a tight grip on her too. The walk across the bridge isn't the most toddler friendly activity. On one side of the sidewalk are the speeding cars. On the other side is the drop to the water. Not much room for error. And Steve didn't want to carry Jilly, because it would put her too high above the railing. So she had to walk across the long bridge. It was tough at one point, because she didn't want to keep going. But they made it and I'm glad we went. It was sunny, not very windy and warmer than we thought it would be. By the time we got back to the car, we were all sweating a little. ;-)

After spending some time at Deception Pass, we got back in the car and drove down to Oak Harbor. We decided to stop and get some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. My big grown up girl ate her own bowl of ice cream with sprinkles on it and LOVED IT! Hehehe, and she didn't make much of a mess at all!! (Well, until she accidentally knocked her mostly-gone bowl on to floor, ice cream side down. ;-)) She wasn't that thrilled to get back in the car, but was a trooper and calmed down. From there, it was another, what 40 minutes (?) to the ferry. We got there about 5:45pm, just before the next sailing (6pm). There were very few cars on board go east, since most people were trying to get out of the city for Labor Day weekend, not go into it. ;-) We got right on, parked and went upstairs. Jilly had such a blast on the ferry. She dragged me all around, then climbed up on Will's lap to look out the window. She was pretty bummed when we took her back downstairs to the car. I agreed with her, the ride was too short! Once off the ferry, it was just a short drive home.

The rest of this weekend should be fun too. Today, I work all day and Steve is at home with both kids. It's going to be like 12 hours total, about double the amount of time I've ever been away from Jason. :-( But Will is going to hang out at the apartment with Steve and help out. Especially during Steve's Fantasy Football league draft this morning. ;-) Hehe. We'll probably go out to dinner tonight. Then tomorrow is church, and after that another friend of ours, Justin, is also coming over for dinner. I'm so excited to see both of these guys! They're so awesome. Monday, we may hit the zoo if it's not raining, then I have to work that afternoon. Steve, the lucky dog, is getting a 4 day weekend! We're going to have a lot of fun. :-)

Sure, I'm tired today at work, but I'm willing to deal with it, because it's not that often we get to visit like this. :-D

(I decided to make this Good Idea, Bad Idea thing a series. So I'll be posting with the theme once a week, I hope.)

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