Sunday, September 27, 2009


We have finally got the kids' room all set up! Hooray! Steve worked very hard all day Saturday to clean the house and get the crib done. YAY STEVE! Here are the pictures of it all. :-)

Jason's bedding. I love the Safari theme. Thank you to Regan for giving it to us!

A corner of the crib, showing off the sheet, bumper and comforter.

The sheet. This sheet actually isn't the one that came with the bedding. It's from the bedding we originally wanted, but it was way too expensive. So Regan got us the sheet, to have as an extra one. We like it more than the sheet from the set we have, so this one went on. :-)

Another corner, showing more of the bumper.

The mobile. It has an elephant in the middle, with a monkey, lion, giraffe and tiger that spin around. (Jilly is in love with this. Everytime I turn it on, she runs into the room and just stares at it. Then she'll start singing along.)

A farther back shot of the crib and the rocking chair in the corner.

Jilly's bed, with the quilt my mom made her before she was born. It's the perfect size for a toddler bed!

When Regan gave us the second sheet for the crib, it made me think that I should get an extra one for Jilly's bed, because let's face it. I change her bedding a lot more often than Jason's! He doesn't take off his diaper as much as she does. ;-) So I got this super cute pink and green polka dot one, which matches her quilt better anyway.

Here is the changing table, next to Jilly's bed. This is actually the exact spot we put it in when we set up the room 3 years ago. We've moved it once or twice since then, but it's back in the best spot.

Closet door and more of the changing table. (This is now just going around the room to show you all of it. Nothing that exciting about a Diaper Champ. ;-))

Bedroom door and closet.

The view of the room from the doorway, so you get an idea of how it's laid out. Can you spot the Jilly?

And here we have Wildcat testing out his jungle bedding. Rawr! :-)

The room has turned out nice! I am impressed with how nicely both sets of bedding go with the furniture. It's also really nice to finally have the computer out of the kids' room. We can be on it when they're sleeping and now I'm not afraid to have Jilly out of a crib (i.e. in the toddler bed), because she can't mess with it. Another benefit- this weekend is General Conference for our church. The past 3 years, we've spent this bi-annual weekend, in that room with Steve sitting on the computer chair and me in the rocking chair. We often miss the Sunday afternoon session because Jilly is napping. This time, we can all be comfortable sitting on the couch and listen to both Sunday sessions regardless of napping children. Hooray!


Nancy said...

cute stuff, you made wise use of the space. I love the quilt your mom made...does she take orders? i bet you're glad the heat of summer is gone... I am loving autumn ...except I get harvest allergies. ick.

Kati said...

I love Jilly's quilt! So fun to have the room all put together :)