Monday, August 3, 2009

Can you believe it's been a month?!

Jason is one month old, as of last Monday! Where has the time gone? It's speeding by way too fast for my taste. I want to throw a fit and cry, "No more! He can't get any bigger! I want him to stay my teeny tiny newborn forever!" He's already over 10lbs and getting bigger each day. Right now, he's in the awkward stage where Newborn size clothes are starting to get too small, but the 0-3 month clothes are still pretty big. I'll be sad to put away some of the really cute outfits, but excited to see him in new things too.

First things first- Last Tuesday Jason smiled at me!!! It was the first reactive smile we've gotten out of him. I was visiting my best friend Regan, and we were smiling and cooing to him and he flashed us a quick, but cute grin. Adorable. :-) He did it again on Thursday, again when Regan was there. So far Daddy hasn't seen him do it, but we do see the sleeping smiles which are so sweet.

A couple Saturdays ago marked Jason's first trip to the pool. It's been sweltering here in Seattle, and we couldn't stand it in our apartment any longer. So we slathered him up in sunscreen and went over. It was also my first time back in the pool since giving birth. It took him a little bit to get used to it, but then he fell asleep in my arms. Very sweet. We went back on Monday and he adjusted even faster this time before falling asleep again. It's nice to know he doesn't mind the pool, so I can enjoy it too!

We've been taking advantage of the past few days to do some fun things. Jilly was camping with her grandparents at Lake Chelan, so we just relaxed with the little guy. We helped clean the church building, hit the pool, went to a church picnic, cleaned up the house, Steve got a haircut, went to go see Harry Potter (Jason was quite well behaved during it- sleeping the whole time), got the oil changed and ate out a couple times. Notice how a few of those things are indoor activities? Well, that was because we were MELTING with the insane heat. Wednesday the 29th hit 103 degrees in Seattle- the hottest day on record. It was awful being in our 3rd floor apartment. Luckily Jilly was gone until Wednesday evening, so she didn't have to deal with it. It would have been torture, since I couldn't have taken both kids to the pool by myself and we would have been trapped inside. It started cooling off and is perfectly pleasant now. Thank goodness!!!

Of course, the last day of Jilly's trip, my sister, who was with them, came down with a terrible stomach flu. Absolutely miserable, the poor girl. And it was a super contagious one too. Thursday night Jilly threw up a couple times and was beyond super cranky. I think a lot of it was stemming from having the constant attention of 6 people, focused mostly on her, then coming home and having to split just Mommy's attention with her baby brother. Not to mention, she was exhausted from playing so hard, in the sun all day, and not sleeping as much as she should at night. Luckily, she never seemed to develop the full blown flu, but was still pretty sad and miserable and grumpy. My aunt and cousins (who were camping too) got a little sick as well, but not as bad as Katie. Saturday everyone felt fine, and then Sunday morning I came down with it! So far Jason hasn't gotten it (good, because it could be the most dangerous for him, he'd dehydrate much faster than anyone else since he's so little) and Steve felt a little funny during Saturday night, but it passed by the morning. I hoping it stays that way!

We got to spend some time with my aunt and cousins while they were here, which was fun, but not as much time as we would have liked, since we were trying to not pass around the flu. Saturday, my mom, sister and me (& Jason) went to a bridal shower for my step-aunt Juliet, who is getting married next Monday. (Side note: she is getting married on an amazing day. It's both hers and her fiance's parents' anniversaries AND my birthday. This all bodes well for their marriage. ;-)) We had a lovely time. :-) After that, we all hung out at my mom's and Steve & Jilly joined us. Then we ordered Mexican food and took it down to Edmonds Beach. We got there just before the sun set and stayed until it was dark. Jilly had fun playing on the toys, the boys (my 13 year old twin cousins) played catch and roamed around the beach, and the rest of us chatted and relaxed.

This is Jason wearing the hat my mom knitted for him. He doesn't have as many as Jilly did, but that's because he's a summer baby and doesn't need them! Notice the sailboat? Nice and appropriate for a summer evening at the beach. ;-)

Auntie Karen holding Jason. She was so excited to meet him and cuddle up with him.

The pretty sunset. I really liked the sailboats silhoutted against the last bits of light.

Jilly has been really obsessed with Jason's swing. She has tried to climb into it a few times and we have to strongly discourage her from it because she is WAY too big and heavy for it. She hasn't tried to do it too much lately, but pretty much ALWAYS grabs the teddy bear mobile off the top of it, regardless of if it's moving (with Jason in it) or not. Twerp. ;-) I had to get a picture of my two little ones, hanging out in just their diapers in the summer heat, on the couch.

On Friday afternoon, Jilly was wasted. She was cranky and whiny and driving all of us up the wall, including herself. She had earlier taken off her diaper and peed on her sheets and I hadn't gotten them washed yet. So when I got frustrated and put her in her crib to calm herself down (the only thing that will work when she gets like that), there was just a blanket of Jason's from when I'd put him in there earlier. It was something like 15 minutes from the time I put her in there, screaming and crying, until she was sound asleep with her bear, Jingles' butt in her face. It was before 6pm. She stayed in bed and content, sleeping most of the time, until 12pm-noon the next day when I got her up. She was in bed for over 18 hours! Crazy girl!! But she really needed it, because she was so cranky.

During that evening, I also put Jason down on the couch so I could do something. He was so cute! I had to snap several pictures. I love this pose and face on little babies.

We were supposed to have Jason's blessing yesterday, with all the family around, and a party (for Andy's, Steve's and my birthdays, Juliet & Kelley's wedding, Jason's blessing, Katie and Andy both moving away, and Lithuanian Independence Day ;-)) but we had to cancel the blessing and our portion of the party because I got the flu. I was SO bummed!!! I had everything ready the night before, his outfit, Jilly's dress, my clothes, the diaper bag packed, sippy cups poured, all of it! And we had to cancel it because I could barely sit up. So mad. And worst of it, I didn't get to say goodbye to my brother before he moved to Vancouver BC and my aunt & cousins before they drove home to Edmonton. :-( Now that means that they won't be able to be here when we do have the blessing. Bummer. But it was definitely a good thing I didn't try to push it and go to church. I probably would have missed the blessing myself, running to the bathroom, not to mention infected everyone at church. Bad news. Hopefully we'll find another date soon and still get to have some family come.

We have some more exciting things coming up, before I go back to work in a couple weeks. We've been really enjoying this summer. I can't wait until we're at a place where I can stay home full time. I love my kiddos!!!

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