Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Idea, Bad Idea

This week in Good Idea, Bad Idea:

Good Idea: Getting Thin Mint Blizzards
Bad Idea: Also getting a Dilly Bar for the 2 1/2 year old and letting her eat it in the car.

Here's how that evening will end. Toddler covered in chocolate and ice cream. Car seat covered in chocolate and ice cream. Toddler in hysterics because she's beyond exhausted, especially since you woke her up before leaving the house at 9:45pm. Running a bath at 10:45pm. Aforementioned shrieking toddler at the bottom of the stairs, refusing to walk up and you couldn't carry her because you had to haul up the aforementioned ice cream soaked car seat. Washing a load of ice cream and chocolate covered laundry at 11:00pm, including car seat cushion, car seat cover, car seat straps, toddler's dress and your shirt, since you went back down the stairs to pick up screeching banshee toddler. Finally, putting poor-exhausted-out of control-hysterical toddler to bed with a sippy cup of juice and listening to her gasp and whimper for 15 minutes because she's too tired to calm herself down any other way.

But I think the Thin Mints were worth it. ;-)


Kim said...

Thin Mint Blizzards are always worth it!

Chesney said...

yummy. i just had one of those today. sorry about the mess, but it was funny to read about.

Holly said...

Yes! Thin mint blizzards are always worth it! LOL

Miller Fam said...

Wow. I wish your toddler antics didnt sound nearly so familiar, but it's like reading a chapter out of my own book. What fun we have! ? ;)

Morgan said...

"Screaming Banshee Toddler" has got to be my favorite line in there!! LOL!!!