Monday, August 10, 2009

Lake Chelan Pictures

Here are some pictures from Jillian's trip to Lake Chelan with her grandparents, aunt, great-aunt and cousins. My Auntie Karen sent these to me. Enjoy!

Well, this first one is actually one I got off It's of the beach at Lake Chelan State Park, where Jilly spent hours playing in the sand, then out on the floaties in the water. I played here almost every summer of my growing up years. I love this place.

Jilly got to play with bubbles out in the field next to the campsite.

Grandpa Paul got her this cute beach chair with a seahorse on it.

Up on the top of the hill with Auntie Katie.

Testing out the floaties on dry land. Much smarter than waiting until you're in the water to make sure they're safe and fun. ;-)

These are my cousins, Travis and Robert, and Grandpa Paul out on his boat.

This last one is from Edmonds Beach, last Saturday. Robert took the picture of me, Travis, Auntie Karen and Jason.

Hopefully, I'll have more soon, when I get the ones from my mom's camera too.

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Holly said...

You look so great for just having a baby! I'M SO JEALOUS!

Glad Jilly had a great time!