Monday, August 24, 2009

Will I Never Learn?!

A couple weeks ago, I was holding Jason and reading blogs on the computer. Jilly was just doing her thing out in the family room, and all was quiet on the Hall front. Then suddenly, I heard this scratching sound. My mama-ears have become well tuned to that particular sound. It's the sound of coloring being done on surfaces not intended for that purpose! AAAAAAHH!!! I come running out the living room, but can't spot Jilly (and the offending coloring) right away. It took me turning around, to look in our dining area to finally lay eyeballs on the culprit and her handiwork. She had climbed up onto the kitchen table, gotten a hold of my Primary bag, pulled out the markers and had herself a grand old time!

I quickly determined my course of action to repair the situation.
Step #1: Pick up child and markers and put them in separate places.
Step #2: Take Pictures.

Here is Jilly on the couch, none too pleased I interrupted her coloring time. I was quite horrified to find the marker all over her beautiful brush-back satin jammies than Granny got her for Christmas. I was even less excited about Granny's potential reaction if they were stained.

I think she colored herself first, and then went after other things. Her foot is quite amazing. I didn't realize how many colors she had used, until I saw the picture on the computer. Impressive, there is hardly any tiny spot on that foot uncovered.

Her hands were covered as well.

She kept sticking her fingers in her nose as she whimpered. I don't get it, but it was amusing enough to take a picture of.

Step #3: Put toddler in bath where the marker can soak off and she won't get into anymore trouble behind your back.

Step #4: Soak the jammies in loads of Spray N' Wash, then wash with lots of detergent and OxiClean. Miraculously- they washed out perfectly! No stains! No hints of stains. ((BIG SIGH OF RELIEF)) Most major and permanent crisis avoided.

Step #5: Clean walls & pick up papers.

The walls had me really worried too. I was stressed that it would take a mammoth effort with lots of noxious chemicals to remove the "designs". Luckily, and to my great surprise it came off with just a wet paper towel in about 1 minute!

Probably the most lasting damage was to my Primary papers. You can't wash paper. So now they'll just be extra colorful.

One of these days I will learn to put my stuff away immediately and not leave it on the table, planning to take care of it the next day. But until then, I'll at least have amusing pictures.


Chesney said...

at least you have lots of good stories to tell!! lol

Nancy said...

I am surprised they even make satin jammies in toddler sizes, but I am glad they cleaned up ok. I think you should get one of those enormous pads of paper (try "Toys R Us")then she can lay on the floor with markers and go crazy. Maybe she could "earn" marker time for helping or whatever. then she wouldn't feel the need to sneak them. unless its the thrill she loves, then you are doomed to unwated colorings for quite some time. Also, I love the blizzard story. I have had similar moments with an over tired toddler. Your stories are great, i love your blog.

Heidi said...

Oh my!!! She did do quite a good job coloring her feet and hands. That is crazy! I'm glad the jammies cleaned up and you'll always be reminded of it when you see your primary papers. ha!

Kati said...

Wow, that's insane! She may be a good candidate for Color Wonder markers :)

angelalois said...

If I didn't know any better I'd say you beat your child, the black and blue color of that foot! ha! wesley's newest thing is picking the nose. What is it with them and their noses? insanity. absolute insanity. congrats on getting the stains out.