Sunday, August 30, 2009

Assorted, Miscellaneous, and Random Pictures

I have a bunch of pictures and I don't feel like making a thousand separate posts, so you get them all at one. You lucky dogs.

Jason was snoozing on the couch one afternoon, and I found him, sucking away on his finger. Cute. :-)

Jilly was freaking out and throwing a tantrum, and being all together obnoxious. So I took a picture of it! Sure enough, it distracted her enough to make it stop.

I had put Jason down in the bouncer and left him like this, since he was sleeping.

I came back a little bit later and he looked like this! Hahaha, silly boy had squirmed around a bit, to cover himself up!

For Steve’s birthday, I made him chocolate mousse. We gave Jilly a little bit and she devoured it! Loved it. Can’t say I blame her though. ;-)

We went to a BBQ at McCollum Park for church. While we were there, I got stung by a bee while holding Jason! My arm hurt so bad, I couldn’t hold him very well, plus I was putting ice on it. So my lovely friend Amanda held Jason for like an hour, I think. I like her. :-)

We knew Jilly wouldn’t eat much that was being offered at the BBQ, so I packed her a sandwich. She loves carrying around her food in a bag. ;-)

She really loved playing on the toys there. Especially the slide. It’s so nice that she’s old enough and big enough to play by herself at a playground! I don’t have to keep taking her up and down the slide myself. I just sit and watch while she does it alone!

Our little friend, Dallin, was hanging out with me and wanted a sip of Jilly’s juice. He’s a cutie.

I’ve found a new hairstyle for Jilly. Rather than just leaving her pigtails free and curly, I’ve started braiding them sometimes. It looks pretty cute, if you ask me! Especially with some of her outfits.

Jilly helped me go to the store and then come home and make cupcakes one day. It took several minutes, and lots of coaching from me, to get to lick the spoon though. Most of the batter on her face is from me trying to shove the spoon in her mouth. Hahaha.

We had an Enrichment potluck dinner, and got a picture of four of us that have had babies in the past couple months. Me & Jason, Erin & Mason, Michelle & Reagan, and Tawnya & Lucy. These are only HALF of the babies born since April. Seriously, we’ve had 8 in 4 months! Just in our ward. We all know plenty of others who have had babies too.

I took another picture of my kiddos in the crib together, so you can see how big Jason is getting in comparison to Jilly.

Jilly was freaking out one day, so we put her in the crib. Sure enough she fell asleep, and when I went in to get something, she was sleeping so peacefully, right on her hand and bunny. I had to take a picture, it was so cute.

Just this past Saturday, we had a Primary activity, playing all sorts of water games. We got a picture of all the kids who had come. There were only 8 kids, plus 3 younger kids (Jilly, Jason and one other little girl whose mom is in Primary with me), so there ended up being more adults than kids! But it went pretty well, even if it was short. It didn’t help that it was cloudy and looked cold outside.

Then that night, we went to a dessert party at the park, to say goodbye to some friends, Jeanne & Kevin, who are moving in a couple weeks. Kate (she’s 4) wanted to hold the baby, Kaitlyn (who’s only 2 days older than Jason). The flash didn’t work right, so it’s not the best quality, but it’s cute nonetheless.

And a picture of almost everyone there! It was a blast and the desserts were delicious!!!

There you go. A bunch of random pictures. Jason’s blessing was today, so I will be posting some pictures of that soon. But I don’t like how ours turned out, so I need to get the ones from my mom first. Soon, soon!


Nancy said...

Allie is 3 and still sucks on her finger. Sometimes I threaten to chop it off...that works for about 3 minutes. her nail is all wierd looking since it is always wet. anyway, I have been braiding her hair a bit too. Lets you and me bring it back in style! I'll pull up just the top, thats always in her eyes, and braid it, its cute, and functional. I want dessert in a park...

Heidi said...

Cute pictures. I didn't know Kate held Kaitlyn at the park... Glad you took a pic! That is a funny picture of Jason covered up in his bouncy. He's growin' fast.

Bri said...

Did I mention that you look super good having a new born and all. Also your Jilly looks to grown up, tell her to stop.