Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally! Some pictures!

Yes, it's true! We finally got a card reader so now you can see all the pictures we've taken lately. I'll try to organize them a bit for you intow 3 sections: Jilly, Jason and Family. Enjoy!

Jilly fell asleep eating her nuggets one night. Being 2 1/2 is hard work!

Jilly climbed into Jason's bouncer after I'd pulled him out, with her Bunny Lovey and pulled the blanket over herself, like she was the baby now. ;-)

Jilly holding her little brother for the first time. What a joyful smile!

Hammin' it up during a mini-photo shoot.

She buckled her teddy bear Zvijer into the car seat, all correctly and was quite proud of herself. We were proud of her too!

Making a mess of her ranch dip with her lunch of nuggets and tater tots.

So proud of her mess. And yes, that is a Mountain Dew bottle, but no, I did not let her drink it. It was empty and she commandeered it for her own devices.

She helped me make funeral potatoes one night for dinner. Notice the left-handedness? Yep, she's quite the lefty!

Much to our chagrin, Jilly got a hold of my red Sharpie one day and thoroughly decorated our table and her legs. (Note: baths, baby oil and about 24 hours gets red Sharpie off toddler legs and faces.)

The underside of the table that sustained the most damage. Ugh! At least it's mostly hidden underneath and not on the top!

This is the week Jason was born. Look how huge I am! Giant I tell you. No wonder my clothes didn't fit.

That week at my appt, the midwife offered to draw on the baby's position. I said okay, and it turned out really cool!

Being cuddled by his Daddy.

I love this outfit- which he's already outgrown! Pardon the pink pacifier, we hadn't dug out the "manly" ones yet, so we just pulled this one out of Jilly's toy basket.

Hanging out in his bouncer with his Longhorns pacifier and football blanket. He can't wait for College Football Saturdays with Daddy!

Check out these awesome pacifiers Aunt Becky sent him. Longhorn Pride baby!

Sweet sleeping baby boy in his bouncer.

Family pictures:
She is quite excited to be a big sister!

I heart my family!!!

I look pretty awful, but ignore that. I was snuggling Jason on the couch and Jilly apparently needed some love. So rather than fighting her brother, she climbed up and cuddled up with my legs. It was so cute I made Steve take a picture of it.

Then they both fell asleep. So I extracted myself carefully and took a picture of the sleeping kiddos.

Another angle. Such sweeties!

Photo session! Look at my big kiddies!

Auntie Katie loves snuggling with her niece and nephew. Jilly wanted nothing to do with me when Auntie Katie was there, even if she was holding the baby.

Jilly is happy to share her crib with her brother one morning. I don't think that will be a long-term solution. ;-)

So there you go! Lots of pictures! Now that we have the card reader, I can keep up with them more regularly. :-) Stay tuned- I have another post in the works about our past weekend and when I get the pictures and full report about Jilly's weekend in Chelan- that will be blogged about too!


Nancy said...

I admire your ability to let your 2.5 year old eat on the couch. My kids are disatrous eaters...I am not that brave. Also, I dig Jillian's ability to fall asleep just about anywhere. Thats cute. What a perfect little boy! He is very cute, I am happy for you guys. I wish we lived closer so we coudl hang out. Maybe someday! Have a good day!

sunnysavanna said...

such a beautiful family! i cant believe how big jilly is getting

Janna said...

So many great pictures! I love the one where you are holding Jason and Jilly is snuggled up with you guys. And then the next one where you hopped off the recliner and took a picture of them - it makes Jason look sooooo tiny! You forget how little babies are until you see them next to an older child.

The Clay Family said...

Awww I loved looking at all the pics :o) He is sooooo cute and he makes Jilly look massive compared to him lol. Funny how newborns make the older ones look huge when not too earlier they still looked so small. That drawing the midwife did was pretty awesome lol