Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sickies at Hall Manor

Poor little Jilly has another ear infection! She just got one 6 weeks ago, and already has another one in the same ear. She's been running a fever and having a rough time sleeping, her appetite has been down just a little, and she's even been poking at her ear. So in to the doctor we went today. We weren't able to see her normal doctor, Dr. Cronyn, because she was out of the office today, but we saw Dr. Lockard, who I really liked. The doctor concurred, saying her eardrum was bright cherry red, and that it was a good pick up by Mama. Another round of amoxicillin for Jilly is in the cards. Luckily we don't need to do another follow-up, because her 15 month Well-Baby visit in Feb. 27th. She hasn't been in terrible pain or anything, but the fever has taken a lot of her. For anyone who knows Jilly- she's been cuddling with me, that's how sick she is! You can see it all over her little face how tired and icky-feeling she is. But the antibiotics should work fine and she'll bounce right back, I'm sure.

The doctor also mentioned that she too could hear that the mucus has moved into Jilly's lungs. She wasn't worried about pneumonia, it just sounded really mucusy. When I described the runny nose and cough that Jilly's had since November, the doctor is thinking Jilly has allergies. It makes a lot of sense. The allergies can make her more prone to ear infections also, because the swollen tissue will prevent her Eustachian tubes from draining. She is old enough to go on Claritin, if needs be. We'll discuss it with Dr. Cronyn at the Well-Baby visit. Hopefully, we'll get this all taken care of. Poor baby!!!

She's not the only one who's been sick. Steve and I both got colds over the weekend. He went home from church early on Sunday, but has seemed to bounce back since. I am not feeling too awful (after a horrible headache on Monday), but it seems to have settled in my throat and upper respiratory. So my voice is totally funky. This is especially weird to me, because that almost never happens. I can't lose my voice, if I try. I haven't lost it this time, but I do sound like a 60 year smoker when I speak. But I'm mending as well.

That's the latest with our family. Hopefully we'll all be better quickly.

One last thing: LOST is back on tonight!!!! Praise the heavens! ;-)

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