Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gone With The.....What the?!

My friend Sariah and I have been planning a "sleepover" for a few months now. It all stemmed from Stacey naming her daughter Scarlett, as in Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. Sariah and I both commented that we'd never seen the movie, read the book, or really known the story. Since she lives in Vancouver, a scant 3 hours away, I promptly invited her to come up and have a Slumber Party with me, in order to watch it together. We finally hammered out some dates, got the proper time off work and we were all set.

Tuesday morning, she called to tell me she was running late b/c of the snow, ice and Ryan. ;-) It was totally fine, and in fact was better because by the time she got here the ice had melted. Anyway, she arrived like 1:30pm, I think... We pretty much, just hung out chatting for a couple hours, and ate lunch. Steve got home, and we took off to go rent the movie. I wasn't exactly sure where the closest Blockbuster was, but I know where one close enough was, and since Jilly was sleeping, I didn't want to look it up online. Worked out fine, we got it without a problem, made a quick stop at the dollar store and headed back.

We settled in at my house and started it about 5pm. It was one of those plain silver DVDs, actually a double sided one, which makes sense with a 4 hour movie! I just put it in and it started right away! It says, "Entr'acte, " no menu or anything, which was odd, but oh well. So we're watching it, and neither one of us is liking it very much. Scarlett really made us mad and there were some things that didn't make total sense. But whatever. I didn't really get why everyone liked it so much, but hey, sometimes I'm just weird. So the first half comes to an end about 7pm. As it was closing, we just figured it was intermission. But then it says, "The End." We're all like, "Uh...what?!" We knew there was more to the movie, but thought we just needed to flip the disc over. We do that and it starts. It said, "Overture" and goes into the opening credits. OH NO!!! *smacks forehead* We watched the second half first!!! What D-O-R-K-S!!!! Hehehee... So we had a fabulous giggle fit over that. I had to tell Steve (who'd been hiding in the bedroom) and she had to call Ryan. It was too funny! No wonder we didn't understand where that other husband came from that Rhett mentioned! We felt like such dorks, but totally amused nonetheless. Hahahahaha!!! In my defense, the DVD is totally not very clear on which side is which. And since we'd never seen the movie or read the book, we didn't know it was wrong! ;-) After really close examination, I found the "A" and "B" markings, this morning. Hehehehe.

We decided to put off the rest of the movie, until after dinner. While I was making dinner (chicken pillows, yum) I managed to have a couple more brain-dead moments. I put it twice as much cream cheese as was called for, though no one complained about that. And after I'd gotten all the pillow made and sealed, I found the chicken sitting in a nearby bowl. DORK! I opened them back up and stuffed the chicken in. They turned out yummy, but it was still funny. After dinner, Steve got Jilly reeady for bed and we were just watching TV. We watched American Idol, and were both amused and freaked out at some of the auditions. After that, we ended up watching a lot of political coverage on CNN and chatted about that. Finally, around midnight, Steve and I took our leave of poor Riah and went to bed. (Sorry if we kept you up too late!) We put the rest of the movie off until morning.

Steve went to work and I ended up waking up around 9am, Jilly was still asleep. Riah and I turned on the movie, still giggling at the mistake from the night before. We watched the first half and suddenly, a lot more made sense to us. Ahhh. That's the other husband. Oh, she really does have a semblance of a heart. Oh, so Melanie's not her actual sister (which we'd thought). Like I said, it made a lot more sense. And we ended up liking it more. I have to say, I'm still not in love with the movie. Perhaps if I watched all of it together, in the right order, I might like it more. But Scarlett still seemed pretty heartless and thoroughly selfish. Sure, when it really really really counted, she pulled through and did the right thing, but it was always begrudgingly. I see why she acted the way she did in the second half, but I'm still not totally sold on it. Also, the end of the movie was depressing to me, and by having that in the middle for me, it kinda of softened it. Anyway, those are my two cents.

We had to wake Jilly up at 10:45am (lazy baby) and then got ready to go. We finally left my house at like 12:25pm and went out to lunch at Olive Garden. It was sooooo yummy. After that, we stopped at my mom's for a quick errand and then went back to my place. By the time we got back, it was 2:45pm and Sariah had to get on her way quickly, so that she could make it home in time for Mutual. It was a lot of fun having her visit. For sure, the highlight was watching the movie in the wrong order. As soon as we figured it out, we both asked, "Who's gonna tell everyone? They're so gonna laugh at us!!" Hehehehe. So go ahead, giggle away at us. We sure did ourselves! Hehehehe. But it was just a lot of fun chatting and hanging out, mostly just us. She's on her way home now, hopefully, over halfway there. I loved having her visit and hope I can get down there sometime.

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TWINKLES said...

Hi Aimee, I LOVED your Gone With the Wind Story!!! This is one of my favorite books and movies. In fact, if I would have had a girl ... I would have named her Katie Scarlet. Your story was hilarious and I will be chuckling about it for a while :)

Love Auntie Karen