Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our week

Happy Saturday to you all!

This week has been fairly normal, but there were a couple highlights I want to share with you. Most of them involve Jilly, as if that's any surprise.

*Jilly is now starting to communicate much more with us. She says "Mama" quite frequently, usually to get my attention and beg for food or to hold her. She's starting to say "baba" when she's hungry.

*She LOVES to sing. Anytime music comes on, she starts bouncing and singing along. She'll sing on her own lots too.

*She's way into books. We've had to separate out the more fragile (i.e. plain paper pages) books from her basket, because she tends to rip them. But she's got tons still. So she'll pull them out and look through them. Currently, her favorite is "Peekaboo Kisses" because it squeaks and has a mirror at the end. She loves opening the flap to see herself.

*Jilly is starting to stand! She only does it for a few seconds at a time, but she's done it several times this week. Earlier, she was doing it all by herself. Then yesterday, Auntie Katie was helping her stand up. But she'd actually stay up, which was most impressive! She hasn't wanted to do that, and usually would sit down as soon as she thought you were letting go. Now she'll stay up for a little. Closer and closer everyday...

*She definitely responds to her name. Funnily enough, she responds best to "Jillian", which surprises us because we call her everything else, except Jillian most times. ;-) She's also starting to understand "no".

*She is SUCH a scavenger. Seriously, the kid begs off everyone. For example, yesterday Steve, Katie and I were eating lunch on the couch and even though Jilly had a teething biscuit, she wanted our food. She came over to Steve and stood up at his knee, and kept reaching to grab his plate. He told her to go ask her Mama, so she came right to me. I told her to get the food from her daddy, because I already fed her for her first year. So she went right back to Steve. Then once he was tapped out, she moved on to Auntie Katie. Heheheh. The kid loves to eat.

We had playgroup at our house this Thursday. It was a lot of fun with lots of kids over. Everyone was great, except Jilly got a little freaked out with everyone else being in her space. She wasn't jealous or mean, just overwhelmed, because everytime she'd reach for anything, someone else would swoop in a grab it. Poor thing. But it was a good time, regardless of her sad moments.

Life is finally starting to feel normal again to me. The holidays were really weird, because I had to work or had other appointments and such every day. Steve mostly stayed home with Jilly. Now, we're getting back into the routine of being home during the day and all that entails.

So yup, there's a quick little update. Tonight Jilly will go grocery shopping with Granny while Mama and Daddy go to Stake Conference with Elder Scott! (Church meetings with one of the leaders of the Church.) It should be good times.

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