Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hand Party!

It's that time of year again! I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but I do make Hands. Each year, my family and friends get together on New Year's Eve. We make Hands. We trace our hands on pretty paper, decorate with stickers, ribbons, fancy pens, etc and write out our goals for the year on each of the five fingers. On the palm we write "This Year I Will..." with our names and "2008" as well. We then put the Hands up on our fridge, to remind us to work on them all year long. Last year, I accomplished 4 of my 5 fingers. Jilly got all 5 of hers (show off). And Steve did well too. We're hoping this year we do even better.

In 2008, The Halls are going to.....

This Year Aimee Will...

...write a gratitude journal.
...use money more wisely.
...pray more regularly.
...improve my spanish.
...explore the zoo!

This Year Jillian Will....

...walk and run!
...say Granny and Grandpa.
...say Please and Thank You.
...learn 10 Croatian words
...color pictures.

This Year Steve Will....

....Lofa Tatupu (get healthy and in shape like the Seahawks player).
....Hugh Nibley (become a better scriptorian).
....Joseph J. Ellis (write his autobiography).
....Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse (do some creative writing- books, tv show, screenplays).
....Carlos Slim Helu (expland personal wealth and financial stability).

So there you have it! We have some lofty, but attainable goals for this year. I will put up the photos soon.


Morgan said...

I love the "hand" idea! So clever!

TWINKLES said...

The boys and Maddie and I had our own little hand party. It was fun, but definitely not the same without all of you!!!!!

Sounds like you guys had fun and I loved reading your goals.

Looking forward to the pictures.