Thursday, May 28, 2009


Some pictures of our recent activities.

Jilly has been on this funny kick lately of wanting to be wrapped in her blankets. So I have more than once put her to bed semi-swaddled. It cracked me up so much I had to take a picture.

One day she got really bored in her bed, so she pulled out all the blankets, took off all her clothes and somehow peeled the sticker off the mattress. I didn't even realize it was a sticker until I saw it stuck to her! Freak show!!!

Jilly borrowed this T-Shirt from Uncle Andy on Easter when she'd gotten her dress wet and needed something to wear for her nap. He decided to let her keep it. Just so you know, she hearts your boyfriend. ;-)

At the Church beautification project, all the kiddos got together and ate snacks. Jeanne snapped some great pictures of them all lined up. :-)

I made these cupcakes for our Primary Activity "We Beelieve" Articles of Faith Extravaganza. Candace helped me decorate them all and they turned out great!!

I let Jilly have one of the leftover cupcakes the next day. I wasn't really thinking when I gave her a chocolate cupcake while she was still in her white dress, was I?

When Maya was over a couple weeks ago, the girls put on their own shoes so that we could go out for a walk. How do little ones ALWAYS put their shoes on the wrong feet?

Jilly's new swimsuit! We had to go to the pool today and will probably be hitting it often all summer.

She loves playing in the pool with Daddy.

She is practicing her swimming. She loves the water so much, we figure she'll be swimming by herself next summer.


Holly said...

I love the sunglasses on her! Mackaylee has a ton of them and loves to wear them. She even likes putting them on the top of her head since I do that all the time! LOL! And the nudity thing is hilarious!

Joey and Michelle said...

Such a cutie, i love the one of her all swaddled up in bed! and it cracks me up how much she looks like Steve :) so much fun!

Candace said...

Adorable pics! Jilly is such a lady in her bathing suit! Let's do a swimming date!

Oh and you and steve will LOVE this. Watch it. Now!!!