Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ups and Downs

This past week has been one of clean up, organization and swimming. ;-)

So what happened last week you ask? Well Tuesday night, I was at work when I got a video message from my husband. I opened it after a call and it was of Jilly in her crib, naked as usual, but my husband narrating. The first thing he says is "It's too bad you can't transmit smell over video." UH OH. And sure enough, I see a GIANT brown circle on her mattress, then more spots on the walls and crib. Holy crap- literally!! She had taken off her diaper and painted the poop all over her room! My poor Moozsh man had to clean it all up. When I got home, he started describing to me where it was, continually saying, "I don't think you understand how bad it was." Well, the more he told me, the more I realized it was about 10 times worse than what I had seen on the video! It sounded just awful. It was all over her bedding (which, by the way, was her back up bedding since she had peed all over her normal bedding the night before), her stuffed animals, covering her crib, in several spots on the walls, definitely all over the carpet, she even got it onto the desk (across the room) and the diaper champ. Not to mention, all over her!!! Face, hair, hands, legs, everything. It took him over 2 hours to scrub down everything, including her. And of course, he needed to keep her contained while he cleaned, so she wouldn't make it worse or get dirty again, so he had her strapped into the high chair, which she got really pissed about. Poor poor guy!!! I felt so awful for him! I had to scrub off her two teddy bears and change some laundry, but he really had to do everything. And of course, she remained wired and destructive for the rest of the evening. She never took a nap. FREAK SHOW!!!

To make it even better, Thursday morning we were going to go to Playgroup, then have some friends over to go swimming afterwards. I went in to wake Jilly up, so we could get ready and found this:
(Yes, I covered up my baby's buttcrack, I didn't think you all needed to see that.)

Oh goodness gracious! SHE STRUCK AGAIN!! AHHHHH!!!! There was not enough time to clean it all up and get us ready to go, so I had to call my friend giving us a ride and tell her not to bother picking us up. I was so mad! I really look forward to Playgroup, when I can go, and here my lovely plans for this gorgeous day have been ruined by an obnoxious toddler and her disgusting "playtime". Grrrr. I got her up and packed off to the bathtub, so I could assess the damage to the room. Here's a closer look at the wall:

It really was nasty, but I will say, that it wasn't nearly as bad for me as it was for Steve. Tuesday night's fiasco was MUCH MUCH WORSE! It took about an hour or so (with some sulking time for me in there) for me to scrape everything off the wall, wipe down her crib with bleach, get the laundry going and vacuum the carpet thoroughly. It was so not my favorite thing to do, but hey, what was I going to do? Leave it all day for Steve? Um...No.

Luckily, our friends still came over after Playgroup to swim, so the day wasn't a total loss. Thursday ended up being the hottest day of the week, it was over 90 degrees! That is HOT for Washington, especially at the beginning of June!! We went swimming and had popsicles, then they went home for naptime and we did the same. I laid Jilly down, but I added something this time:

Yup, I duct-taped that bad boy right on her so she couldn't get it off. No way was I risking another Poo-casso (as a friend calls it). We've pretty much been doing this everytime we lay her down now, so that we don't run into repeat performances. So far, it's working.

Unfortunately that day, it was just way too hot for Jilly to sleep. So I took her to Wal-Mart to run some errands then we came home for dinner. Both Steve and I had church meetings that night, but mine was at our house. Throughout the whole time, it was still so stinking hot! After the ladies left at 8:30pm, I told Jilly we were heading back to the pool, because it was unbearable in our apartment. We swam until after 9pm, then came home. A little while later, close to 10pm, some cold air finally started blowing in and the weather changed a bit. It felt sooooo good! I was able to get a decent night's sleep for the first time all week! Hooray!

Yesterday, Steve had the day off work, because he'll be working Saturday. It was so nice having him at home. I am always way more productive when he is around. So I totally nested. I hung up all Wildcat's clothes in the closet. I reorganized the dresser, so that we had somewhere to put his blankets, burp rags, socks, shoes, etc. I put the sling into the baby bathrub, so it's all ready for a newborn. Then I decided to tackle the car seat equation. I pulled out the carseat from the closet, it was still in the box and dumped it out so I could put it together. Well, it was already put together and set up for a newborn (straps in the right slots and everything). Perfect! Jilly was fascinated by the carseat and kept wanting to play with it, either by sitting in it herself or buckling it up. We even strapped in her baby doll, so she could see what it would look like. Then I took it downstairs to the car, to figure out how the seating arrangements would work. Turns out the infant seat can only fit in the middle of the back seat. So much for having one at each door. Oh well. I got the base installed, popped the seat in, and got Jilly's seat strapped in to it's new spot as well.

(This was taken from my cell phone. Our camera seems to be broken so I can't show you pictures of the other things I did.)

Jilly had come down with me to watch and was sitting in the front seat while I did all this. As soon as I put the infant carseat in the car, she freaked out!! She started crying and sobbing and all I could understand was "Baby, baby, baby." I am not sure what she exactly meant by that. We have three hypotheses: 1) She thought we were actually going to get the baby and then when Wildcat didn't appear, she was really upset. Yeah... I doubt that too. 2) She wanted to put her baby doll in there and realized it wasn't a toy for her to play with. Maybe... or 3) She wants to still be the baby. Meh, I'm not sure. It could be anything. But she cried the whole way back upstairs and for quite awhile. Poor kiddo. We kept trying to put her down for a nap (like over 2 1/2 to 3 hours) but it never worked. Finally I had to leave for work and she was still awake.

During one of her nap attempts, I finally tackled my biggest project and the one I'd been avoiding the longest. I got all the clothes, papers and other various items out of the cradle in our bedroom. Keep in mind, this cradle has been in our room since well before Jilly was born. She slept in it for a grand totaly of 7 nights I think, before I couldn't handle it anymore and put her in her crib, in her room. (She made too much noise while sleeping, and I wasn't geting any sleep.) Since then, it's been my laundry container, or a catch all for random papers and other things. I cleaned it ALL out and put (most of) it away. Then washed the cradle bedding. Now my baby boy has a clean, safe bed to sleep in when he comes! WOOT!! I feel so accomplished. He has clothes to wear, diapers for his bum, a clean bed, a place for his shoes and burp rags, etc, and a car seat all ready for him to come home in. HOORAY!! We might actually be ready for him to come. :-D

We're now less than 4 weeks away from his due date. I really don't think he's going to wait that long. I keep feeling like he'll be a June baby, not a July baby. But I could be wrong! I saw the midwife last Friday and he's definitely low and other things are progressing (already 2cm dilated). This isn't shocking or unusual really, it was the same with Jilly and she went the full 40 weeks. But I just don't think our little boy is going to do the same thing. Everyone at work seems to be shocked everytime they see me, wondering why I haven't had the baby yet, because I look so huge. We're getting close. Next week, the "eviction process" begins in earnest. I think with getting everything ready yesterday, I know feel settled enough for him to come. For most of the pregnancy, I haven't been anxious or impatient at all. I was quite willing to wait the 40 weeks. I haven't felt ready for him at all until just now. I am emotionally ready for him, as well as physically now. He can come. Steve is anxious for him to get here. He wants to hold his little boy so bad and cuddle with him and all that fun stuff of having a newborn. I am definitely ready to be done at work and just relax and enjoy my summer. And after a long chat with a good friend last week, I am feeling pretty relaxed about the birth itself. So now we begin the final countdown. T minus 27 days and counting!!


Rose said...

I LOVE the duct tape! Hahahaha! I'll remember that one!

Joey and Michelle said...

oh my goodness... duct tape is cracking me up!

Nancy said...

I ofund Jenna asleep with her naked bum in air one day since she was not wearing a onsie that day, but luckily, there was no poo paintings. thats rough, but good call with the duct tape. too funny!hang in there, I can't wait to see wild cat!

Heidi said...

That is disgusting! I love the duct tape idea. It was funny when I mentioned for you to duct tape her diaper on and you said you already did that! hilarious. I'm glad it's working b/c no one wants to clean up any more "poo"cassos. :)