Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is that a baby or a vegetable?

When I found out I was pregnant with Wildcat, I signed up with for weekly emails about the baby's growth and all things pregnancy related. I noticed after awhile that they always seemed to equate baby's size with some fruit or vegetable. Sometimes, it was just the length or just the weight of a certain food, and sometimes it was both. It made me laugh each time, so I finally went through all the emails and put together a list of the evolution of Wildcat the vegetable. ;-) I thought I would share it.

4 weeks: Poppy seed
5 weeks: Sesame seed
6 weeks: Lentil bean
7 weeks: Blueberry
8 weeks: Kidney bean
9 weeks: Grape
10 weeks: Kumquat
11 weeks: Fig
12 weeks: Lime
13 weeks: Medium Shrimp (the only animal listed in the entire pregnancy, the rest are all fruit/veggies/legumes)
14 weeks: Lemon
15 weeks: Apple
16 weeks: Avocado
17 weeks: Turnip
18 weeks: Bell pepper
19 weeks: Large heirloom tomato

At 20 weeks, they start measuring from head to heel (for length). Previously, it's been crown to rump.

20 weeks: Banana
21 weeks: Carrot
22 weeks: Spaghetti Squash
23 weeks: Large mango
24 weeks: Ear of corn
25 weeks: Rutabega
26 weeks: English hothouse cucumber
27 weeks: Head of cauliflower
28 weeks: Chinese cabbage
29 weeks: Butternut squash
30 weeks: Head of cabbage
31 weeks: Four navel oranges
32 weeks: Jicama
33 weeks: Pineapple
34 weeks: Cantaloupe
35 weeks: Honeydew
36 weeks: Crenshaw melon
37 weeks: Swiss chard

So there we are. I'm not really carrying a baby inside, but rather a stalk of swiss chard. ;-) As the baby got bigger and bigger, they started throwing in some things that I have never heard of. I had to look up (or rather, Regan looked up) what some of them were, like jicama and swiss chard, among others.

Now I guess the question is what vegetable will pop out? Is he going to be Swiss chard baby, or something bigger? ;-) I'm at full term now, so it could be anytime. Everyone in the family is hoping/planning for next Thursday (the 25th), because it's my mom's birthday and she'll have several days off for it. I am all for it! The sooner this kid comes out, the better, if you ask me! Hehehe. Stay tuned. We'll let you know when he does decide to join the party. :-D


Bri said...

I dont know if those comparisons make me feel any better for pregant women.

Nancy said...

wow, i am really hungry for kumquats and crenshaw melon now.

Rose said...

Jared says a watermelon will come out. ;)

Greg & Britta said...

Hahah love the post -- now I'm hungry for veggies!!

I'm guessin' Wednesday --- cuz that's Hunters birthday!