Friday, May 1, 2009


Earlier this week, we got an email inviting us to go to the Tulip Festival with some friends from church. I was very excited because I'd heard they were beautiful this year and I thought it would be a lot of fun. Stacey was generous to offer to drive us with her and Austin. We oke up to beautiful weather and got dressed in T-shirts and shorts for the day. Jilly wore a brand new outfit from Aunt Becky, which was just perfect. It was even cuter when I did her hair in pigtails with the daisy hair clips. BUT... she pulled them all out halfway to La Conner. Turd. ;-) Here are our pictures!

This was the first field we visited. We only were there for like 10 minutes, because neither Austin nor Jilly wanted to walk and we'd left the strollers in the car. Oops!

I tried to get a bunch of pictures of Jilly, but she wasn't very interested and most of them turned out bad. This was the best of all the pictures. ((sigh))

This picture has three bright colors all together, purple pink and red. Pretty!

You can see the mountains in the background.

There was this neat old barn next to one of the fields. I wish I had a better camera, because there was some definite cool-picture potential there.

This was the second field we went to. This time we were smarter and brought the strollers, so we wouldn't have to carry the 2 1/2 year olds. There were more colors and more variety in this one. Loved it.

I think this might be my favorite picture. The purple was just gorgeous.

Jilly took this picture of what was probably the only cloud in the sky, so I just had to include it.

Proof that I was there as well.

I love how there is a huge block of red, then a swatch of pink and just a little more red at the very back.

At last, a picture of all four of us! Jilly was the least enthused about taking a picture. ;-)

We got back in the car and briefly discussed venturing out to Deception Pass, but decided the kiddos probably wouldn't handle the extra hour or more. So we'll have to do that another time. It was a smart decision because even though we fed them when we got back in the car, they were tired and a bit worn from all the sun. Austin had a rough ride home, poor guy. But we made it home and are so glad we went! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Stacey for inviting us to come. It was a lot of fun.

When we got home, I laid Jilly down in her crib to relax for a bit while I worked on the blog. She laid for a few minutes, then jumped up and started talking. She was practicing a bunch of phrases, unbidden by me, so I had to document it. Of course as soon as she saw the camera, she stopped saying some of them, but I caught a few. ;-) She was saying, "byebye!", "See you later!", "I love you!" among other things. Very cute. So that gets added here. Enjoy!


Becca said...

Jilly talks so well! She's such a cutie! Those tulips are beautiful!

Morgan said...

What gorgeous flowers!! I would love to see it in person!

Jilly's little girly voice is so cute!

Stacey said...

Thanks again for coming!

Janna said...

Wow!!!! Gorgeous.