Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Sister toes!

I've been meaning to paint my toenails for weeks, because it's been many many months since I last did it. We're going to my sister's graduation in Pullman this weekend, so I wanted to look especially spiffy. So today, I finally sat down to do it while Jilly was in the bath. Then I decided, I wanted to paint hers too! So after the bath, she's starting to get tired, so I sit her down on the couch with a sippy cup, in front of the TV and paint her tiny tiny toenails. I was apprehensive about doing it, because I was afraid she'd move around and smear them. But she sat very still for me and let me paint, wipe off the extra and let them dry. They turned out adorable! She was so excited about them. She kept looking down at them and smiling. Clearly, she is a girly girl. ;-) Gotta love it.

Here's a cute picture of her, smiling and posing for me.

And her cute cute red toes!

And the other foot.

This is her new shirt from Aunt Becky. She's pretty darn psyched about it!

I guess if she can sit still long enough to get her toenails painted, she's old enough to be a big sister! Hope so, because she doesn't have a choice. ;-) Hahaha. What a cute girl!


Heidi W. said...

I love her shirt! Good job on her toes.

Rose said...

Awww... cute little toes! Makes me want to bust out some nail polish for my girls... :)

~*Jen*~ said...

You can reach your toes without feeling like you're cutting off your air supply? Lucky....lol ;)

THE LIZARD'S said...

that shirt is popular! ava has that shirt too! she always wants to wear it. Its a cute shirt.