Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Last night Jilly got to go Trick or Treating with Granny and Mama. We went in Granny's neighborhood. We were a little disappointed there were more kids out, but I guess it meant more candy for us! ;-) Jilly was quite the ferocious and terrifying bat, and of course charmed everyone in sight.

Before we left our house, I wanted a picture of her without her jacket one, so you can see her cute Halloween shirt.

Once we were at Granny's with the Bat Bag in hand, she was ready to go!

I didn't get any pictures while we were walking around, but let me tell you. For the few houses we went to, we scored pretty darn well. One house we went to gave us a King Size Snickers! Can you believe it?! Steve was sure psyched about that one. She did a good job of either picking a candy or taking the one they offered and putting it in her bag. However, I did get the feeling she was trying to escape from me. Everytime someone opened their door, she tried to walk inside! :-) Granted, I don't think she'd ever encountered a situation where we just stood at a door and didn't go inside, so I don't blame her for trying. Hehehehe.

Jilly inspected her loot quite closely when we got home.

For quite awhile after getting home, Jilly walked around the kitchen, dragging her bag with her. It was adorable.

Then she started playing with the candy itself. The suckers were quite a hit with her.

We finally let her have a piece. I gave her a Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar, which she LOVED! Can you tell? ;-)

This was an accidental video. My mom was trying to take a picture, but I forgot it was on video mode. Nonetheless it was cute and you can see Jilly licking her fingers.

On the way home, I let her hold her bag of candy. I could hear her playing with it, throwing it in the seat next to her and such. Then it got a little quiet. I stopped at a light and turned around to see this!

She hasn't unwrapped it at all, but rather chewed on the corner, melted it with her hot little hand and sucked it all out! I let her finish the Krackel, but drew the line at the Mr. Goodbar. I was not going to let her eat peanuts while I was driving! She didn't like that idea.

We got home and I let her have a "Creepy Pop" skull-face sucker. She LOVED it! And proceeded to get it all over her face, hands and clothes. Once she began using it as a drumstick on her toys and booksheld, I took it away and she got a bath.

All in all, it was a very successful and fun Halloween!!


Joshua, Lori, and Mikey. said...

ha ha the suckers...We were playing Rock Band and not really paying much attention to Mike...we found him with a sucker in each hand, drooling all over everything. Nice!

Morgan said...

Ironically, that is what I look like when I get my hands on some chocolate too! Jilly is my kind of women!

She was a such a cute bat!

Bri said...

I love it! she is sooo adorable!

Pacific Northwest Lundell's said...

I think my favorite picture of your Halloween adventure is you with a huge grin and your little Jillian covered with chocolate on her hands and face! How fun!!!

Tara said...

Why don't we live close enough to each other so we can trick or treat at your house?