Thursday, October 9, 2008


We just got Jilly's Halloween costume and I had to take some pictures, because it was so cute. Allow me to introduce a most ferocious creature: BAT JILLY!

Isn't she just the scariest fat little bat you ever saw?

Look at those fangs!!

We got her costume at Old Navy which I was totally psyched about. For any of you unfamiliar with Seattle in October, it is generally cool. And by cool, I mean freaking cold and rainy. That means all those sweet, delicate little fairy and princess costumes do NOT cut it! It is WAY too cold to try anything like that without a turtleneck and thick thick tights or leggins underneath, which severely degrades the Cute Factor. My friend Britta reminded me about Old Navy costumes and lo and behold several different options of thick, full-body fleece costumes. HOORAY! After debate between Steve and me, we decided on the Bat. I really am happy with it. It's big on her, but I don't care. Now, if I can only keep her from trying to removed the jacket... ;-)


jeannie said...

Way cute! Is there room for the jacket or sweater underneath the costume?

Joshua, Lori, and Mikey. said...


Yeah, that's what I was thinking...if it's too big, that means there's room for an extra layer or two if it's extra cold out. :)

~AnnaMarie~ said...

SO CUTE! I am a slacker and will be last minute-ing the whole costume things, which will suck since I have 4 children :)

Nancy said...

Hey Aimee! I love your blog, that failblog seeems super funny. We have to check that out. Little Jilly is so cute! I agree wtih the whole Halloween costumes need to basically be a snow suit, nothing worse than giving candy to Cinderella with a heavy coat over her gown, kinda defeats the purpose of dressing up. One year Allie was a fuzzy warm pink butterfly, and another year she was a snuggly lady bug. Brock is usually some sort of super hero, and I just buy the costume large enough to wear sweats underneath. He is so scronny it works great. Isn't it bizarre how our children end up with so many knick names. Jake and I often wonder why we even name our children because we never call them by their names. Brock is currently Bubbers, Allie is Jingy, and Jenna is Meepers. They are all kind of long stories. Blog....what a wierd word. BBLLLOOOOGGGG. Who came up with that? Ok, enough rambling. I am glad to be back in touch.

Brooke said...

Your little one is so cute!!