Monday, October 20, 2008

Play time with Maya!

One of Jilly's favorite friends, Maya, came over to play today. Maya is one month older than Jilly and they get along pretty well. They spent a lot of time together in Primary, then in Nursery, and at Playgroup as well. Jilly was still asleep when Maya got here, but woke up soon and they had a really fun time together. For two 2-year-olds being together for 3 1/2 hours, we only had 5 minutes where they upset each other. Not bad, if you ask me! It sure doesn't hurt they're both very sweet girls.

They both enjoyed playing with the letters on our fridge.

Maya kept playing longer than Jilly and liked to tell me about it.

Jilly got a hold of my hairbrush after I did her hair and was playing with it. This says to me, "Concentrate....I know I can make this do something!"

Jilly watched Maya from the safety of her car.

Maya was rolling this car up and down the fridge. The girls both LOVED this car.

Jilly wanted to take pictures, so I got closeups of both their faces. This was the only one worth keeping.

Maya loved the rocking chair and sat on it for quite a while.

Then Jilly dragged the ExerSaucer over to me, so I could put her in. As soon as I did the girls both started playing with it.

This is the video of them. It's hilarious, if you ask me!

We had a lot of fun having Maya over! We hope she comes again soon. :-)


Morgan said...

Jilly's spaz moves are cracking me up! That is great that they get along so well!

Sariah in Vancouver said...

My goodness, she is getting big! Look at her adorable pigtails!

The pics and video were very cute, I'm glad you guys had a fun time!