Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fancy Hair

I've gotten really bored with doing Jilly's hair lately, so I've been looking for inspiration and branching out.  We've done some really cute styles.  I'm still working on my proficiency, making things even and straight, but so far I'm happy.  Here's a sampling of some of the styles we've done recently.

I got the idea for this from  It was originally a baby hair style, so I modified a little and turned it into a ponytail for Jilly.

This is another from  It was the first time I've done twists.  I have some ideas of how I'll do them better next time, but I still like how they turned out.

I think I just thought this one up on my own.  It was slightly complicated with all of the criss-crossing, but it turned out really cool!

I've seen this one a few places.  I really like it because it holds all of her hair back and in the big ponytail.  It's not that hard either.  We've done it a few times since, and better each time (it's a little crooked the first time I tried).

This one was inspired by a friend of mine.  She does some amazing things with her daughter's hair and I had seen a cool criss-cross braid pigtails style.  I didn't do it right (only did 4 braids, it needed 6), but it was still fun.  The messy buns were falling out by the evening when I finally took a picture.

This is how I can get her to sit still for some of the styles.  Let her watch TV, watch a video or play with PhotoBooth on my laptop.

This one I thought up on my own, zig zag parted pigtails with twisty bun braids.  It's actually simpler than it looks and sounds.  I made two parts straight back creating a column of hair in the middle.  I took the two sides and put them in pony tails to keep them out of the way.  Then I just did a series of angled parts from one side to the other, then back again, creating the zig zag.  I pulled them into pigtails, put in the hair bands, then braided them.  Once I had the braids done, I just twisted them around the hairband and used a bobby pin to hold them.  I think next time I do them, I'll twist them a little different and tuck the tail in more.  

(This picture is a off center, so it looks more uneven than it was.)

Jilly has enjoyed doing "fancy hair".  Hopefully, we'll start doing more things.  I need to teach myself how to French braid properly.  Right now I only know how to inside-out braid, so I'd like to learn the other way too.  It's a lot of fun!  This is why I've always wanted a girl.  :-D  (It probably won't be too long until I can do stuff with Kayla's crazy hair too! See!)

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