Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Goo turned TWO!

Our little Jason has turned TWO!  His birthday is exactly one week after Kayla's and two days after my mom's.  It's quite a week of birthdays in our family!  Mom has had her birthday all to herself up until Jason arrived and now she gets to share the partying with two grandkids!  She was actually rather excited about it.  :-)  On the Sunday between Mom's & Jason's birthdays, we had a party for them.  It was fun to have Jason so excited to open presents this year!  

Of course, Jilly couldn't restrain herself from wanting to help.  She got relocated to sitting with Mama, so Jason could open his own presents in peace. ;-)

BOOKS!  Really cool Eric Carle board books!  Perfect for the two year old who LOVES to read, but is a little less than delicate.  :-)  Thanks Granny & Grampa!

Opening his present from Bailey & Elise.  A coloring book and crayons!  He was ecstatic!  

Granny got to open her presents too.  A dinner out with the lovely ladies, Bailey & Elise.  Lucky!!

And then it was time for his present from Mama & Daddy.  I have to be honest here, I think Steve was most excited for Jason's birthday party.  He had the inspiration for it about two or three months before and helped plan a ton of it.  


What is that blue fur?!

A Cookie Monster doll!!!  And just the right size for squeezing!  Jason just loves Cookie Monster to death, so the party was a Cookie Monster theme.  We also got him a t-shirt that says "Varsity Squad" with Cookie Monster, Oscar and Elmo, but it didn't arrive until the next day.  ;-)

After presents, it was time for the dessert!

A Cookie Monster birthday is not complete without COOKIES!!!

A traditional cake just didn't seem right, so we went with a cookie cake with Cookie Monster on it! It turned out great!  (We ordered this from Albertson's because at 6 days postpartum, I was not going to try and make a giant cookie and decorate it in a way I'd never done before.  This was much safer and quite tasty!)

Time to blow out candles!  Again, Jilly wanted to help.  Granny and Jason did a great job.  Jason looked super styling in the birthday hat.


YAY!  This is such a cute pic of my happy little guy.

 Bailey is my cousin and pretty much the best ever!  She loves my kids so much and gobbles up any chance to hold them.  This was the first time she met Kayla (having been on vacation the week before).

 Bailey & Elise are just awesome.  We love having them over and a part of our family!

Granny squeezing her Ducky.  Kayla wore the perfect outfit with a cupcake on it for the birthday party.  Granny bought this outfit for her the day we had the ultrasound and found out she was a girl.  In fact, it was on the table when we showed up that evening for Paul & Bailey's birthday party. ;-)

We are so excited our little guy is two now.  He is adorable and sweet and adventurous and happy and enthusiastic and playful and mischievous and utterly delightful.  We love you Gooey Man!

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Chelle said...

What an awesome party - I especially love the Cookie Monster theme! Sounds like Jason had a wonderful birthday... and scored with some tasty treats and fabulous presents! We need to get our kids together again - Benjamin still talks about J & J! :)