Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Day of School!

Jilly started her final year of preschool this week.  She goes 5 days a week now, still afternoons.  The bus picks up her about 12:30pm and drops her off about 4:00pm.  The first day of school was supposed to be a hot day, so I had to pick out a different outfit than originally planned.  

She was SO excited to wear her new light up Skechers shoes.  They are pretty awesome.

Waiting for the bus!  It was extra special because Daddy came home on his lunch break to see her get on the bus (and drive us down the hill, so I didn't have to walk down with all the kids the first day).

Here's the bus!  She's such a pro, she knows just what to do.

Jason was all excited and wanted special hair too.  So I gave him his "spike".

She has the same pick-up driver as last year.  Marcy watched me last spring as I got bigger and bigger and kept waiting for the baby to arrive, but of course Kayla didn't come until after school ended.  She was excited to meet Kayla, even offered to hold her while I buckled Jilly in.  :-)

All buckled in and on her way!

Here's to a great school year!  :-D

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