Wednesday, November 18, 2009


11/17: I am thankful for Primary! I love serving in Primary and have had so much fun doing so, these past 2+ years. Steve has learned that our presidency meetings usually take 2-3 (sometimes over 3) hours because we have such a good time with each other. The kids are awesome and I know it is a privilege and an honor to teach them and help them cultivate their personal testimonies.

11/18: I am thankful for the spirit I feel in the temple and I am grateful to serve there. Today, my mom watched the kids while Steve and I went to the temple. We were too late to do a session (we had to leave by a certain time so I could go to work) so we did initiatories instead. I love doing those. I love the blessings involved and getting to hear them repeated so many times.


Holly said...

Intiatories are my favorite thing to do at the temple! And for the same reason you posted! There's so many promised blessings and it's amazing and so uplifting to hear them over and over and to ponder on them! Thanks for posting that!!! I needed it!

Nancy said...