Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giving Thanks

I have seen a status update challenge on several friends' Facebooks. With it being November, the month of Thanksgiving, it challenges you to write down one thing you're grateful for, each day. I want to do this as well, but I think I'll do it on my blog instead. Since I am starting this two weeks into the month, I am going to do the first 14 days all here:

11/1: I am grateful for our ward and the amazing people in it, who serve so willingly.
11/2: I am grateful for my job. Not only do I have a source of income, but I work with great people, at a wonderful company, and have a supervisor who is very flexible and understanding with me.
11/3: I am grateful for the right and opportunity to vote.
11/4: I am grateful for a husband who loves to play with his kids! He can make them giggle like no one else.
11/5: I am grateful for Facebook, blogs and computer games that help me keep from getting insanely bored when it's slow at work.
11/6: I am grateful for thunderstorms! I love watching them. There was a wicked cool one about midnight, so Steve and I opened up the blinds, turned off our lights and watched it.
11/7: I am grateful for wonderful friends, who have done so much for my family, and I will miss them when they move!
11/8: I am grateful I am able to help friends. At a time in my life, when I need so much from others, I am grateful for those times when I can give back, even if only a little.
11/9: I am grateful for little miracles. Jilly said a complete, spontaneous sentence with no prompting from us. We've been very concerned about her speech and language development, so this was a reassuring sign.
11/10: I am grateful for a sister who loves my kids as if they were her own.
11/11: I am grateful for friends who drive for hours to come visit, even though they're only staying overnight.
11/12: I am grateful for an aunt, who even though we've only known each other a few years and we're not blood related, she treats me as family and is willing to do anything she can for me. She texts me to find out if I need something and is happy to get whatever it is.
11/13: I am grateful for wonderful family and friends who buy my kids very very cute clothes! I went through ALL of the baby clothes boxes and reorganized the kids' closet and dresser. What awesome wardrobes they have! And lots of clothes! I am grateful I've never worried about my kids going without proper (let alone adorable) clothes.
11/14: I am grateful for a safe car and car insurance! I saw 2 or 3 accidents on my way to work, and I remember the months I drove 'Shaniqua', a car we'd been given, that was getting old and a bit unreliable. Now, we have a car we don't worry about and feel safe in.

There you go! 14 things I am grateful for, so far this month. I'm going to try to post something new each day.

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