Monday, September 1, 2008

A weekend alone?!

We had such a nice weekend, I felt it deserved a blog. Saturday I had to work 6:30am-4:30pm, pretty much like every other week. Steve spent the day at home with a certain adorable 21-month-old. After work, I rushed home where we all changed into our going-out-clothes and left with a couple extra bags. First stop: Auntie Juliet's house. For our birthdays, Juliet gave Steve and me some cash and a "voucher" for one free over-night babysitting. SCORE! We had tried to go out the Saturday previous, but it didn't work out. So off Jilly went to Auntie Juliet's for the evening.

Once leaving Juliet's, Steve and I headed down to Northgate Mall for dinner and shopping. We ended up eating at Panera Bakery and it was SOOOOOO yummy. Loved it. Barnes & Noble was first on our list of places to hit. Our list was dictated by where we had Gift Cards to. ;-) After much browsing and book lust, picking something up, returning it to the shelf a little later, etc etc, Steve finally settled on two nerd purchases (;-)). He got a new LSAT study guide and Drive-Time Spanish, audio CDs to teach him Spanish while in the car. One store down, one to go.

The whole reason why we'd gone to Northgate rather than Alderwood Mall, was because that is where the closest Silver Platters is. Paul, my step-dad, had gotten everyone Silver Platters gift cards for Christmas and we still hadn't used them! We walked into the record store with absolutely no idea what we wanted. We were totally overwhelmed by the huge store and didn't know where to start. After walking aimlessly for a few minutes, I suddenly remembered what I'd wanted to get! Carrie Underwood! Quickly, I had the desired CD within my possession. That left Steve. As we headed to the other side of the store, with TV and movies on DVD, something caught his eye. I heard the words, "Here it is! Exactly what I wanted, right in front of my face, Wife!" And there it truly was. Casino Royale is all its glory. Marvellous! We'd walked in with no clue as to what to get, and within 5 or 10 minutes we'd both found items we'd really wanted!!!

We were done with the shopping portion of our evening and headed home by 8pm. Felt kinda lame, but hey we're an old married couple (well, one of us is old ;-)). We settled in at home, relaxed for a while, then went out to Dairy Queen for ice cream. We came home with our Waffle Bowl and Brownie Earthquake and settled in for an evening of James Bond. YUM! Of course, I promptly fell asleep, since we'd started the movie at like 10:15pm and I'd gotten up at 4:45am. But I caught most of it. I love that movie. Once it was all over, it was off to bed without fear of a Jilly-waking.

We even got to sleep in that morning. Heaven! We both started getting ready for the day, then I went to go pick up the child from Juliet. Turned out, she'd done amazingly well! Had fun with another little girl her age, went for a walk, ate dinner, and then asked to go to bed and did so very calmly, sleeping through the night! Wow, she did way better for Juliet than she usually does for her parents, little stinker. We only had an hour or so at home before Church, which Jilly spent either in Nursery or with Steve. After church, we all took naps and then headed over to Mom's house for dinner.

My sister Katie was in town for the weekend from WSU. Before we left to go to Mom's for dinner, she called and begged to have Jilly spend the night with her. I agreed and we ended up with a second night in a row without the little one! Dude! That's never happened! We got another morning of sleeping in without an alarm! SWEET! Then I had to go to work before she came home. So it's been since Friday really, since I've spent much time with my Jilly. I miss her, but I got a little time with her on both Saturday and Sunday, and I'll have all day tomorrow and the rest of the week too. And she also got to spend some quality time with her aunties, who I know LOVED it. :-)

It was a very nice weekend for us! So relaxing and calm. It was nice to have a little break from being a full-time mama and daddy and get to just be a married couple. I just had to share; it was so awesome!


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Awesome! That is one definite benefit of having family close. :) I'm glad you had a great weekend! :)

$TeVe said...

Plus I heard it got kind of wild.

Heather and Billy said...

That sounds so great and I am totally jealous. You need that refresher time. Yay for you!!